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Agenda 3 July 2024

Annual Parish Meeting 5 June 2024

Agenda 5 June 2024

Annual Council Meeting 1st May 2024

Agenda 1 May 2024

PC Agenda 3 April 2024

PC Agenda 6 March 2024

Agenda 7 Feb 2024 (1)



Agenda 6 December 2023 pdf

WsMPCagendaNov1st 2023

Agenda for 12th September 2023
Supporting Papers: Costs to upgrade the server, Emergency Plan terms of reference, Emergency Plan, Highways Scoping Report, Minutes 5th April 2023, Minutes 5th July 2023, NALC Briefing Note on Council Email Addresses, Price for Risk Assessment Training, Proposal to implement Council Emails, Risk Management for Charities, Training Costs for Volunteer Litter Pickers

Agenda for 5th July 2023
Supporting Papers: Grants from SALCMinutes 7th June 2023Quarterly budget reviewSteering Group Report

Agenda for 7th June 2023
Supporting Papers: Further Information in regard to the siting of the community building for the potential development off Roughmoor Lane,   Minutes 3rd May 2023Minutes Annual Council Meeting 5th May 2023Quote for WordPress trainingQuotes for insuranceRequest from the Mendip AONB

Agenda for 3rd May 2023
Supporting Papers: Finance attachment for allocating funds for the reports, Information received about installing a Zebra Crossing within the Village, Map of Potential Development, Minutes 5th April 2023, Minutes 19th April 2023, Report on Settlement Character Assessment, Report on Village Transport Statement

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 3rd May 2023

Agenda Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting 19th April 2023

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 19th April 2023
Supporting Papers: Minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting held on  10th April 2022

Agenda for 5th April 2023
Supporting Papers: Location of dog waste bin 1 Map and photo of Drapel LaneLocation of dog waste bin 2 Map and photo of Lodge HillLocation of dog waste bin 3 Map and photo of StoneleighMinutes 1st March 2023Options for Dog Waste BinsProposal to adopt a climate emergencyProposal to appoint obtain quotes for a Village Transport Statement and a Settlement Character Appraisal Update on Zebra crossing

Agenda for 1st March 2023
Supporting Papers: Asset Register, Filling up of Grit Bins, Minutes 31st January 2023, Proposal to set up a Facebook Page

Agenda for 4th January 2023
Supporting Papers: Additional Information on the Location of the Dog Bins for the Village, Budget 2023-2024, Civility and Respect Project, Costs for section 171 permitsDraft Minutes 7th December 2022, Quarterly review


Agenda for 7th December 2022
Supporting Papers: Redacted Grant application from Strawberry Line Association,  Redacted grant application for community shopProposal for Dual Authorisation of PaymentsEmergency Contacts for Somerset Local AuthoritiesDraft Minutes 17th October 2022Draft Minutes 5th October 2022Costs for section 171 permitsCivility and Respect Project, Budget 2023-2024, Website Report December, Footpath Report – December

Agenda for Planning Meeting Monday 17th October 2022 at 6pm

Agenda for 5th October 2022
Supporting Papers: Costs for section 171 permitsLCN Online QuestionnaireMemorandum of UnderstandingMinutes 5th SeptemberProof for the NoticeboardRedacted grant application for community shopRedacted Grant application from Robert Glanvile Playing FieldsRedacted grant from the strawberry line associationWarm spaces questions, Website report September 2022

Agenda for 5th September 2022, Please note the meeting is being held on Monday 5th September at the village hall
Supporting Papers: 2019 Emergency Plan, Community Review Project AgreementLicence agreement from Aster CommunitiesLicence Plan from Aster Communities, Minutes 6th July, Quotes for internal auditors, Rural Parishes survey from Doulting Parish Council, Update on working party for traffic issues

Agenda for 6th July 2022
Supporting Papers: Bank Reconciliation as at 30th June 2022, Community Review Initial Promotion, Minutes 18th May, Minutes Annual Council Meeting 18th May 2022, Parish Portraits – snapshot of a village today, Proof for Notice Board, Quarterly Review – 1st Quarter, Request to Mendip for emptying Dog Bins

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 18th May 2022 at 8.00pm
Supporting Papers: Information on Dog Bins,  Minutes 6th April 2022,  Noticeboard prices,  Possible Sites of New Dog Bins within the Village,  Reply from Aster in regard to the Noticeboard

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 18th May 2022 at 7.30pm

Annual Parish Meeting 10th April 2022
Supporting Papers:- Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 5th May 2021

Agenda for 6th April 2022
Supporting Papers:- Dates for May Meeting,  Green Shed Consultation Document,  Ideas for Noticeboards,  Minutes 2nd March 2022,  Proposal for Erlong Lane,  Quarterly Review,  Website Report

Agenda for 2nd March 2022
Supporting Papers: – Clerks Report,  Co-option Application Form without address,  Minutes 2nd February 2022

Agenda for 2nd February 2022
Supporting Papers:- Decommision of the old village website,  Minutes 5th January 2022,  Suitability of the Parish Council WebsiteWebsite Report February 2022

Agenda for 5th January 2022
Supporting Papers:- Grant application from the Village Hall for £100,  Information on Defibrillators,  Minutes 1st December 2021,  Minutes 16th December 2021,  Quarterly Review Oct – Dec 2021,  Terms of Reference for Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group,


Agenda for 16th December 2021

Agenda for 1st December 2021
Supporting Papers:- Asset Register,  Budget and precept figures,  Comparision of legal Quotes,  Extension of the contract for the village defibrillator,  Minutes 3rd November 2021,  Notes on Installing a SID,  Update on moving the website,  Website Report for December

Agenda for 3rd November 2021
Supporting Papers:- Annual Risk Assessment,  Application for a grant from the Playing Field Committee,  Application for a grant from the Village Shop,  Asset Register,  Designated Funds for future projects,  Differences between a Committee and a Working Party,  Information on removal of overgrown vegetation at the Square,  Minutes from the 6th October,  Notes on Neighbourhood Plan,  Notes on the Budget,  Prices for Internal Auditors,  Proposal for work to upgrade website,  Proposal to move the Parish Council Website to another Provider,  Provisional Budget figures 22-23,  Quote from Tickbox on upgrading websiteWebsite Report for November

Agenda for 6th October 2021
Supporting Papers:- Budget Review July – September 2021Comparision of legal QuotesDifferences between a Committee and a Working PartyGrant PolicyMinutes 2nd September 2021Minutes 27th September 2021Proposal to move the Parish Council Website to another Provider,  Update on Beacon Event next yearWebsite Report July August and September

Agenda for 27th September 2021

Agenda for 2nd September 2021

Supporting Papers: –Code of Conduct Policy,  Financial Regulations,  Minutes 7th July 2021,  Note the offer of a gift of a field within the parish,  Proposal for beacon for Platinum Celebrations next year,  Proposal to move the Parish Council Website to another Provider,  Proposal to open a Business PayPal account,  Repairs to the Railway Shelter,  Standing Orders

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 7th July 2021

Supporting Papers:- Parish Council Minutes 5th May 2021,  Parish Council Minutes 27th May 2021 , Plannng Meeting Minutes 18th June 2021Dark Skies Policy,  Dispensation PolicyDispensation Request FormDates of MeetingsProposal to move the Parish Council Website to another ProviderInformation on Permissive PathsAnnual Report of the Westbury Tree Group 2020-2021 finalQuarterly Budget Review

Agenda for Planning Meeting on 18th June 2021 at 7pm 
Agenda for Meeting on 27th May 2021 at 7pm 
Agenda Annual Council Meeting 5th May 2021 at 7.30pm 
Agenda for Meeting on 5th May 2021 at 7.45pm
Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 5th May 2021 at 6pm 
Westbury Village Hall Chair’s report for the Village Hall 2020 – 2021 
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