Re-imagining Axbridge Deanery

The Axbridge Deanery stretches from Burnham on Sea to Easton. Representatives from each parish attend regular synod meetings, which are held in a different parish each time. They aim to support one another across the Deanery and to discuss new ideas.

Our new Bishop, Michael, is also looking at the Bath and Wells Diocese as a part of the national Church. Bishop Michael recently reminded us that the present church structure is very Victorian and not at all like the early Church. Our present day expectation is that we will have a leader, usually a vicar, who will be responsible for the functioning of each local church. The early Church set up by Jesus was very much more a group organised affair. Bishop Michael suggests that perhaps we should look towards that model for the future, in order to make best use of what we have.

The Axbridge Deanery is also considering what might be the best organisation for us to make use of the talents, skills and assets which are to be found in our parishes. This will require thought and prayer.

Members of the P.C.C.’s of the PEW parishes met recently to discus ideas to take to the next Axbridge Synod meeting .

If you have any thoughts, ideas or, suggested areas for development of under used resources in our parishes, please send them to the churchwardens, their contact details are on the back page of the Pew Magazine.

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has updated its website to help make information about the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan more accessible to the village.  On these pages you can find all the minutes and agendas of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and other working papers relevant to their work.  There is also an archive of papers produced by previous working groups.

The Council has asked the same steering group to help co-ordinate a village response to any new proposals put forward by the church commissioners for development adjacent to Roughmoor Lane. There are sepate pages giving access to all the material produced in response to earlier proposals and to any new proposals which may be brought forward.

Community Tree Nursery Open Day

Westbury Community Tree Nursery is holding an open day on Saturday 15th October from 11.00 to 3.00.  All welcome.  Do come and look at what the group has achieved in a few short months and learn about its plans for the future.

Refreshments are available.  For further details see here


Over 50? Feeling less steady on your feet than you used to be?

As we get older, muscle strength is reduced and some movements, such as leaning sideways or turning quickly, can cause a loss of balance. This can begin earlier than expected, from our early fifties onwards. To prevent a loss of balance and strength over time, strength-building exercise is recommended. The good news is, you don’t have to start weight lifting to build strength – hill-walking, yoga, team sports like tennis and cricket, or even just climbing the stairs can all help to build muscle strength and prevent falls and injuries later in life.


Stronger 4 Longer is a new campaign from Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership encouraging adults over 50 across Somerset to build muscle strength to protect their future health. To find out how to get started, visit the Stronger 4 Longer website.


Annual Grants from the Parish Council

The annual applications of Grants from the Parish Council is now open, any village organisation that would like to apply for a grant from the Parish Council, please read the Grants Policy and send the completed application form to the Parish Clerk by Monday 26th September where it will be considered at the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 5th October.  Applications can be sent by email to

Grant Policy May 2022

Parish Council Emergency Plan being Updated

At the Parish Council meeting on 05/09/22, it was agreed that this News Post should be issued to inform the community that the current Parish ‘Emergency Plan’ is in the process of being reviewed and updated.

The current Emergency Plan can be found on a sub-page on the Parish Council webpage of the Westbury Sub Mendip village website.



SCAMS – phone calls & more…

Number spoofing

Scammers can ‘spoof’ the phone number they’re calling from, so the number showing on your Caller ID may not be the number the call is being made from.

Recently a Westbury resident received two calls which appeared to be from local 01749 numbers – but they weren’t. So be careful, even if the number shown looks like it may be someone you know.


Energy rebate scams

More information about the current flurry of energy rebate scams:


and a reminder…

Which? offers free email updates on scams; if you haven’t already signed up for these, here’s the link:

SCAM emails and texts – energy bill rebates

Watch out for emails offering rebates or grants towards fuel costs – although many are easy to spot, some scammers will go to the trouble of creating highly realistic emails and text messages.

One of a number active at the moment claims to come from Ofgem, but the email address ends in .ro which shows that it probably comes from Romania. All Ofgem emails always end

The red “Claim your rebate now” button in this scam email doesn’t go to Ofgem, but to a completely different site which will doubtless ask for your personal and bank details so they can ‘send you the rebate’ – of course they won’t.

Scammers won’t just fake Ofgem emails, they might make them appear to come from a local council or a government department, so do be careful.

This webpage tells you how to avoid and report Ofgem scams:

Wells Bus Group

Those campaigning to save the 126 bus route may be interested in the work being undertaken by the Wells Bus Group including plans for a mass rally on 5th September.  There are also new comments to view on this issue on the website   WBUG PR Summary for 8.8.2022

Residents comments on the 126 bus service

A number of people have posted interesting comments on the proposal to withdraw the bus service from Wells to Shepton.  See them here