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Poem of the Week 25/05/20

Poem of the week Since it is a Monday we are putting out our regular ‘poem of the week’.  To encourage those who might want to compose a poem but have difficulty starting Andrew Buchanan has suggested that people might try to compose a ‘Cinquaine’ –  a five line poem written to a specific format. […]

Poem of the Week 22/06/20

Poem of the week Finally, being a Monday, we have our poem of the week, this time contributed by Alistair Sage   Self-isolation The problem with self-isolation? It leads to a sense of frustration. To reduce this it’s clear That you might need a beer Which then causes intoxication.   The problem with intoxication? You […]

Poem of the Week 29/06/20

Poem of the week Finally, since it is a Monday we have our poem of the week, kindly contributed by a former resident of the village Margaret Haslam. Many will remember Margaret’s contributions to ‘Poets and Pints’ in the Village Hall.    ‘Corona Catastrophe’ is well up to her usual standard.

Poem of the Week 13/07/20

Poem of the week Finally, as it is Monday we have another poem of the week, written when the supermarkets were finding it difficult to keep fully stocked – Not Daffodils by Chris Harris. We have a good stock of poems from regulars like Chris but would like to encourage others to come forward.  Its always […]

Cookie Controller

The Parish Council has funded a Cookie Controller for the Parish Council website, and the website hosts, Tickbox Marketing, implemented it on the live website this morning. This makes the website compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When viewing the Parish Council website, you will see the Cookie Controller Icon on the bottom […]