‘One Life’ – film at Westbury Village Hall this Friday 5 April, 7.30pm

One Life is a 2023 movie based on the true story of Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of children from Nazi occupation in 1938. It is a true tearjerker that will inspire viewers with its depiction of how one person really can make a major positive difference.

And here are a few review extracts –
One of the best films of 2024…Sir Anthony Hopkins gives a performance that can break your heart.

There will be no dry eye, any time, in any theatre, where “One Life” is shown. One life that saved 669 lives, which has thus far resulted in approximately 6,000 descendants.

Among the recent spate of WWII dramas about ordinary people who did extraordinary things…James Hawes’s One Life, a British film, is one of the best.

Despite the fact that this film’s narrative is like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between 1988 and 50 years earlier, it works well. All the flashbacks provide context to the rescue operation, and to the continuing legacy of that operation.

One Life is an example of historical storytelling that doesn’t need artificial drama to get its points across—the truth is dramatic and moving enough. Hopkins’ and Flynn’s performances beautifully blend to paint a nicely crafted portrait.

So. usual drill – tickets £8 from village shop or on the door – first drink included in ticket price. There will be nibbles supplied by a team of willing helpers. – sorry no mini quiches this time, but we are promised chocolate brownies , among other delights. Come at 7-30 for 8pm start .

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