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SCAMS – phone calls & more…

Number spoofing Scammers can ‘spoof’ the phone number they’re calling from, so the number showing on your Caller ID may not be the number the call is being made from. Recently a Westbury resident received two calls which appeared to be from local 01749 numbers – but they weren’t. So be careful, even if the […]

Warning – bees

There’s a reliable report of a dog walker and dog being attacked & stung by a small swarm of bees about 7pm today while walking along the footpath behind Perch Hill Vineyard. This may be an isolated occurrence, but please add a comment to this post if there are any further incidents.

Wildflowers in May

Colour photographs for the article on p19 of May 2021 PEW Birds-foot Trefoil Pignut Ragged Robin Red Valerian False Oxlip (previously mis-identified as Cowslip)   Cowslip (L) and Oxlip (R) for comparison with False Oxlip All images Creative Commons licence

Can you recognise the different white butterflies?

The adults of Large and Small Whites are pests of our domestic Brassicas.  The large white caterpillars are black and yellow and easily visible and very destructive.  They are protected from predation by birds by the warning colours and a nasty taste.  The small white caterpillars are green and lie along the veins and are […]