Entries by Andrew Buchanan

Energy scams – alert from OFGEM

OFGEM, the UK energy regulator, has reported a rise in scam calls purporting to come from them. These are clearly trying to exploit people’s concerns about rising energy costs. Remember, Ofgem would never sell you energy, ask for personal information or come to your property. For more details see this webpage: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/information-consumers/energy-advice-households/avoid-and-report-energy-scams

WhatsApp scams – watch out for ‘verification code’ and ‘new number’

Fraudsters are posing as family members on WhatsApp in order to manipulate you into transferring money. You receive an unexpected but genuine text message from WhatsApp containing a verification code. The text is triggered by fraudsters entering your number into WhatsApp in an attempt to log in to your account. Next, one of your ‘contacts’ […]

NHS scam emails

The scammers haven’t gone away, and now they’re using COVID travel passes and the ‘omicron’ variant to try and hook you in. Look for the usual signs – poor spelling, unusual use of English and a fairly basic layout. Today there have been two emails going around, neither of which looks like an official NHS […]

E.ON payment scam email

There’s another email scam going around at the moment, this time from E.ON. If you don’t buy electricity from E.ON account, you’ll quickly realise it’s a trap, but they may also use other electricity providers. Clues that it’s a spam message include spelling mistakes and the email address it comes from, which is clearly not an […]

Wessex Water – fraudulent phone calls

An elderly Blagdon resident recently received a phone call from somebody claiming to be from Wessex Water.  The caller claimed that there was an outstanding bill of £23.85 related to a ‘standing” bank payment set up some years ago. Fortunately, the resident realised it was a scam call. Wessex Water issued a warning about these […]