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Priorities Survey

A reminder that there is still time to complete the Neighbourhood Plan Priorities Survey which is available online here. 

A Neighbourhood Plan gives us a way to influence how Westbury will develop in the future.  Don’t miss the chance to say what you think it should cover.


*Neighbourhood Plan Priorities Survey*

*Neighbourhood Plan Priorities Survey.*

A link to enable you to complete the new Neighbourhood Plan Priorities Survey is below. If you click on the link, the introduction will explain why this survey is different to anything you have already seen, and why it is important. While hard copies will be circulated to every residential address in the parish next week, it will save a great deal of time and effort if you complete it on line using a phone, PC or tablet. The website will accept one completed form per device per address.

The link is

Advance Notice – Neighbourhood Plan Priorities Survey

In the next week every house in Westbury should receive, through the door, a copy of a message from the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and a survey form.  If you have not received one by the end of April please get in touch with Chris Langdon or any parish councillor. It is important that all households get a copy.

We will be asking you to do two things

  1. Read the message carefully. It explains why this survey is different to anything you have had so far and why it is important
  1. Please use the online option to complete the survey and encourage others to do the same if they can. It saves time and saves volunteers unnecessary work


Neighbourhood Plan – Updates

The village meeting on the 27th March 2024 provided brief updates on a number of related issues including proposals for housing development at Roughmoor Lane.  A summary of the information provided, with links to further detail where appropriate, is given here.

Village Meeting to Progress the Neighbourhood Plan 27th March

There will be a meeting in the village hall on 27th March  to consider the next steps in developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Westbury.  Hold the date!   More details later.

Housing Needs Survey

All households in Westbury should, by now, have received a copy of a Housing Needs Survey which is being conducted by an independent company ( CNB Housing Insights) on behalf of the parish council.  The survey is a key step towards developing a neighbourhood plan for the village which, once agreed, improves our chances of influencing how Westbury will develop over the next 10 – 20 years.  We need there to be a good response if the plan is to be seen as representative of village opinion.

Although the paper survey may look a little lengthy it is very easy to complete, particularly if it is done on line. I completed mine in just under eight minutes.

Presentations from Neighbourhood Plan Village Meetings

The information presented at the village meetings on 8th and 9th November are now available on the village website for those unable to attend or those who wish to refresh their memory. They can be accessed here


Neighbourhood Plan – New papers added to website

Two new papers are now available on the village website.

A Settlement Character Assessment that seeks to describe what makes the built environment of Westbury special & guidelines for producing developmenty that is ‘in keeping’

A report by Cotswold Archaeology on the heritage value of the traditional barns at Court House Farm and its implications for development.

They can be found here

Both are very large files and may take a little while to load.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group – Public Meetings

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group – Public Meetings


In the coming week there will be two opportunities to hear a presentation on the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, ask questions and make comments. On Thursday 9th November there will be an open meeting at 7.30pm in the village hall.  On Wednesday the 8th the same issues will be covered in an online meeting via Zoom.  The link to join the zoom call is


Please join us to have your say in how the village should develop over the next 10 – 15 years.

Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meetings

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group have organised two opportunities for residents to receive an update on the work of the group and make their views on the future of the village heard. You can participate either by zoom on Wednesday 8th November or in person in the village hall on Thursday 9th. Details are on this NOTICE which will also be available on noticeboards and social media.