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Neighbourhood Plan – New Survey

As part of developing a neighbourhood plan the village needs to think about what facilities might be needed in 10 – 15 years time and where they might best be located. At the same time the parish council needs to be in a position to respond if the church commissioners move to develop land allocated for housing south of Roughmoor Lane.  In that case 0.1 hectares of space would be made available for community use and the parish council would need to decide what should go on it and where exactly it should be. To help answer these questions we have designed a short survey which we would be grateful if you could complete and return by October 8th .

The survey and supporting papers can be accessed HERE. Hard copies will be available, if needed, from the village shop.

Update from Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

For the benefit of those who do not read the PEW I am circulating a recent article from the neighbourhood plan working group.  It reports the thinking of some key village organisations on how their facilities need to develop over the next 10 – 15 years.  I should emphasise that we need to think about how these facilities might need to change, irrespective of whether the Church Commissioners go ahead with their proposals to build housing alongside Roughmoor Lane so that we can take advantage of any opportunities to invest in our community that might arise.  Read the article here

Update on Developments at Roughmoor Lane

A number of documents have been added to the Roughmoor Lane pages of the village website and can be accessed here.  They include information received by the Parish Council from Litchfields, a copy of advice on the application from Mendip Planners and a summary of the advice given to the Parish Council by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group as at 3rd May 2023.

Settlement Character Assessment

The Parish Council is considering the production of a Settlement Character Assessment that could inform both a long term Neighbourhood Plan and in the short term a response to planning applications.  Several people have asked what such an assessment might look like. Here is an example from Norton St Philip


Parish Council Newsletter _ February 2023

The February Parish Council newlsetter, including the latest information about housing developments at Roughmoor Lane, can be accessed here