Re-imagining Axbridge Deanery

The Axbridge Deanery stretches from Burnham on Sea to Easton. Representatives from each parish attend regular synod meetings, which are held in a different parish each time. They aim to support one another across the Deanery and to discuss new ideas.

Our new Bishop, Michael, is also looking at the Bath and Wells Diocese as a part of the national Church. Bishop Michael recently reminded us that the present church structure is very Victorian and not at all like the early Church. Our present day expectation is that we will have a leader, usually a vicar, who will be responsible for the functioning of each local church. The early Church set up by Jesus was very much more a group organised affair. Bishop Michael suggests that perhaps we should look towards that model for the future, in order to make best use of what we have.

The Axbridge Deanery is also considering what might be the best organisation for us to make use of the talents, skills and assets which are to be found in our parishes. This will require thought and prayer.

Members of the P.C.C.’s of the PEW parishes met recently to discus ideas to take to the next Axbridge Synod meeting .

If you have any thoughts, ideas or, suggested areas for development of under used resources in our parishes, please send them to the churchwardens, their contact details are on the back page of the Pew Magazine.

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