Somerset Local Bus Petition

Parish Clerks have been asked to publicise a petition calling for Somerset to increase local bus funding.

“Hello all local Parish clerks
If you could circulate the attached petition is would be grately

Your signature on the following bus petition would be greatly

Rosa Kell
Part of

Rosa Kell
Lead on Wells Bus Users Group
tel 07827785677


What makes Westbury special

A report on what makes Westbury a special place, technically called a settlement character assessment or appraisal (SCA), has been prepared by a specialist consultant, Liz Beth. It was commissioned by the parish council to support the development of our neighbourhood plan. In simple terms, its purpose is to tell developers what they need to do to make sure any new development ‘fits in’ or is ‘in keeping’ with the nature of our village.


The report can be looked at HERE


We will make copies avaiable f0r people without the internet to read in convenient locations shortly. There will be a chance to discuss it, and express views before it is formally considered by the parish council, at village meetings on the 8th and 9th November. More details later.


Malcolm Harding’s Barn, Roughmoor Lane – 7.30pm – 11.30 pm

Westbury Friendly Society are holding this event to raise money for Priddy and St. Lawrence’s Schools and hope that the village will support us.

If you would like to join in the spooky atmosphere in the barn, you are invited to come in fancy dress.

Tickets include a Disco and a Pig Roast.  Please bring your own drinks, glasses and nibbles as there will be no bar available.

Tickets £20  children welcome £5 per ticket (please note anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Tickets available from the shop or contact Malcolm Harding 870307.

We hope you will join us.



St Lawrence’s Church Events

St. Lawrence’s Church – CHRISTMAS CRAFT MAKING

MONDAY – 23rd OCTOBER at The Old Stores, Wells Road (Linda Mogford’s house) at 10.00 am

You are invited to come along and join in with the making of Angels and any other Christmas crafts you may wish to share.  Decorations will be used in the church and sold at the Christmas Coffee, Cakes and Crafts morning on the 25th November.

For the Angels you will need to bring an old paperback book, a small gold/skin coloured bauble or painted ping pong ball for the face, and some gold/silver tinsel and thin ribbon for hanging the Angel.

If you would like to attend, please let either Linda know on 870817 or Jane Sealy on 870307.  Also, if you have something else you think we could make please let us know asap so that we can let people know what materials to bring.

Thank You.



SATURDAY, 15th NOVEMBER in Westbury Village Hall 10.30am – 1.00 pm

£3 to include entrance and refreshments


Once again, we will be holding our annual Christmas Coffee, Cakes and Crafts morning in the Village Hall.  There will be plenty of stalls with lots of things for sale, Raffle, Cakes & Savouries, Guess the weight of the Cake, Home Produce, China/Glass/Unwanted Gifts, Water into Wine, Guess the name of the Doll, Buried Treasure Map, Toys/Games/Puzzles, Traidcraft, Honey, Crafts, Ripple Effect.

Our fund raising is for the redecoration of the Church which is badly needed so please come along and support us whilst enjoying some lovely refreshments, good company and a chance to buy some things for Christmas.

If you have anything suitable to donate these would be most welcome.  Please leave either in the church or with Linda Mogford.  If you have a spare bottle of wine, this would also be very welcome and can be given to Andrew Sealy or Malcolm Harding.  You never know, you may then be lucky and win more bottles!!

We look forward to seeing you.


Neighbourhood Plan – Village Facilities Survey

A reminder that there is only one week left to complete this survey which will help inform the parish council response to any proposals for development on Roughmoor Lane and contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan.  You can access the survey by following the link HERE or you can pick up a copy from the village shop.

Community Tree Group Work Parties

The Community Tree Group is still looking for volunteers to join its friendly team of gardeners in the tree nursery. Work parties are held twice per month, alternating between Wednesdays and Saturdays to suit most people.  Tools are provided (indeed for reasons of  bio-security we’d rather you didn’t bring your own) and the dates until next March are available here and are also listed under Events on the village website. We are also looking for  a couple more people to join our mowing rota a task that can be done anytime during the week.  If you are interested contact Buffy Fletcher

Neighbourhood Plan – New Survey

As part of developing a neighbourhood plan the village needs to think about what facilities might be needed in 10 – 15 years time and where they might best be located. At the same time the parish council needs to be in a position to respond if the church commissioners move to develop land allocated for housing south of Roughmoor Lane.  In that case 0.1 hectares of space would be made available for community use and the parish council would need to decide what should go on it and where exactly it should be. To help answer these questions we have designed a short survey which we would be grateful if you could complete and return by October 8th .

The survey and supporting papers can be accessed HERE. Hard copies will be available, if needed, from the village shop.

Update from Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

For the benefit of those who do not read the PEW I am circulating a recent article from the neighbourhood plan working group.  It reports the thinking of some key village organisations on how their facilities need to develop over the next 10 – 15 years.  I should emphasise that we need to think about how these facilities might need to change, irrespective of whether the Church Commissioners go ahead with their proposals to build housing alongside Roughmoor Lane so that we can take advantage of any opportunities to invest in our community that might arise.  Read the article here

SCAM ALERT – gift card emails

If you start getting emails from someone you know asking you to buy an Apple, Amazon (or any other) gift card or token, it could easily be a scam.


Clues to look out for are:

  • an email address that is different from the one your friend or colleague normally uses
  • a subject title similar to ‘A favour to ask’ or ‘Have you a moment?’
  • asking you to send them a photograph of the card

If you are unsure, check with your friend by ringing them up – don’t reply to the email! If it is a scam, tell them to change their email password and let the other people in their contacts list know they may be sent a scam message.

For more details:

There’s a regularly updated list of the latest scams here:

WWII secret Home Guard Auxiliary Units; a little-known part of Westbury’s history

The Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly-secret quasi-military units created by the British government during the Second World War with the aim of using irregular warfare in response to a possible invasion of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany.

Westbury resident John Sealy was a member of the local unit, and the Sealy family has kindly given access to newspaper cuttings and documents telling the fascinating story of this little-known part of our village’s history.

To learn more about this secret army, and read the other articles, go to the Westbury Society page where you’ll find downloadable copies on the right-hand side.