Land South of Roughmoor Lane – Public Consultation

The Church Commissioners for England has exciting plans for a development of up to 60 new homes and c. 0.5ha of public open space on land south of Roughmoor Lane in Westbury-sub-Mendip. Leaflets have been delivered to residents, but please find below a copy.

Leaflet regarding the Housing Development off Roughmoor Lane

Link to the website as mentioned in the leaflet.

A presentation will also be held on Thursday 20th January at 5pm via Zoom, the link is within the website but it has also been added below.

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  1. Anne Munday
    Anne Munday says:

    I wish to comment on the proposed housing development on Roughmoor Lane, Westbury Sub Mendip.
    We have recently moved to Westbury as we wished to lead a more rural way of life so were extremely dismayed to learn of this current application.
    Up to 60 new houses would put tremendous pressure on the fabric of village life, on the shop, school and especially on the roads. The A371 is already a busy road with heavy traffic which causes damage to the road surface, pollution and danger to pedestrians. This new development would make life for people living on Roughmoor Lane and Stoke Road intolerable. It would change the feel of the village forever.
    This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a dark sky village, both of which would be severely compromised if this was to go ahead. The leaflet mentions that 30% of the houses would be affordable. Could 1st time buyers afford them? Somehow I doubt this very much. Also it says the plans are ” exciting”. Not for the residents of Westbury that’s for sure! The vast majority of people here do not want this development at all. No matter how it is dressed up with play facilities, a nod to wildlife (bat habitat)paths etc it is not to the benefit of the village in any shape or form but purely a money making exercise.
    These are my reasons why I object to this development and doubtless other people will raise many more as this consultation progresses.


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