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Wassail in Westbury 15th January Cancellation

Sorry but there seems to be little option under current circumstances but to cancel this event for this year.  There would be uncertainty on just what the risks are, uncertainty about the numbers to cater for, and concern for the various helpers and organisers who would be more or less close together at various times.  […]

Update from the Westbury Inn August 2021

Westbury Inn:   The Pub is open every day except Sunday evenings.  Following the changes in Government guidelines it will not be compulsory to wear face masks on entering or moving around the pub.   Face masks are no longer required but, of course, those who wish to, may continue wearing a mask as suits them.  All […]

Westbury Hawkmoths for the Week 9th September 2020

The Hawkmoths, Sphingidae are a widespread family of moths with more than a thousand species worldwide.  They are usually large, broad-bodied strong flying moths whose caterpillars have a characteristic tail spike.  Some members of the group have long tongues and feed extensively being able to use long tubular flowers as nectar sources, while others have […]