Entries by Peter Bright

Westbury Hawkmoths for the Week 9th September 2020

The Hawkmoths, Sphingidae are a widespread family of moths with more than a thousand species worldwide.  They are usually large, broad-bodied strong flying moths whose caterpillars have a characteristic tail spike.  Some members of the group have long tongues and feed extensively being able to use long tubular flowers as nectar sources, while others have […]

Butterfly of the Week 2nd September 2020

  Clouded Yellow:  This is a ‘white’ and so is closely related to the Large and Small Whites, Orange Tip and Brimstone.  It is another migrant that, while it breeds over the summer in the UK, fails to over-winter except in very small numbers along the UK’s sheltered south coasts – the Isle of Wight […]

Butterfly of the Week 26th August 2020

Wall:  This is another ‘brown’ and, like its relatives, its caterpillars are grass feeders.  However, it needs sparse, open, grassy areas with bare patches where sunshine enables the butterfly to bask and warm quickly.  It is a strong flier in these exposed habitats.  The male has a thickened dark area on its forewings which are […]

Butterfly of the Week 19th August 2020

Painted lady:  This is, perhaps, our most well-known migratory butterfly which arrives every year in the Spring or Summer. The adult butterflies breed here, and their offspring are being increasingly recorded as flying south again in the autumn.  Painted ladies are a very strong flying butterfly and have been shown to cross from sub-Saharan Africa […]

Westbury half a dozen Tigers of the Week 12th August

The striking colours of these Tigers is a sign that they are unpalatable to birds and so most of them can fly during the afternoon as well as at night.   Cream-spot Tiger:   This moth is usually found in coastal habitats of the South West – Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and along the coasts of […]

Westbury Moth, rather than Butterfly, of the week 5th August

   Hummingbird Hawkmoth:  This day flying moth is quite unmistakeable. It has a smart grey brown body with white markings along the sides and orange hind wings. With a 5cm wingspan and its continually whirring wings it makes a characteristic ‘hum’.  Part of its scientific name is Macroglossum which recognises that it has a very […]

Westbury Inn, ‘Eat out to help out!’

The ‘Eat out to help out’ is available at the Westbury Inn from tomorrow – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week through August.  In order to take advantage of what is available Andy is not producing a menu to pre-order from.  What is on offer is 1) a table d’hôte 3 course meal based on […]

Butterfly of the Week 29th July 2020

Small Copper:  This handsome, brightly copper-coloured, small butterfly lives up to its name.  It is about the same size as a common blue.  It is widely distributed and found in a great variety of habitats across the wider countryside, where its chief food plant – common sorrel grows.  Woodland rides, hedgerows, arable set aside, parks, […]