Westbury Inn 24th December update

For Christmas Day the Pub will be open from 11.00am until 1.00pm for people who wish to come in for a drink and a complimentary ‘substantial’ meal that won’t spoil your appetite.  Following the latest Covid-19 guidelines the Pub will be shut from Boxing Day, 26th December, until the end of Tuesday 29th December.  On Wednesday 30th the Pub will open again for Takeaways only, and will be expecting to operate Takeaways from Wednesday to Sunday lunchtime each week.  The Takeaway menu remains in place and is available from the link below.  On Monday it is hoped that there will be an update on what special might be available as a Takeaway for New Year’s Eve.  If you want to find out more phone Andy Jones on 01749 870640.

2020.12.24 week beginning Takeaway Menu PLB

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