Westbury Butterflies Small and Essex Skippers

These two skippers will be flying for the next few weeks and provide a real challenge to distinguish between them.  The only feature that is clear is the colour of the underside of the ends of the antennae!  Needless to say they rarely pose to suit you as the observer.  If you can get a photo graph in which the butterfly is looking straight at the camera as in these two photos it is usually easy!  The Essex Skipper looks as if it has dipped the underneath of each antenna in black ink.  In the small skipper the same patch is orange or streaky orange and blackish.  If you have a male the sex brand on the top of the forewing in the Essex is shorter and straight whereas in the Small it is longer and a bit curved!  I would be keen to see whatever pictures of these skippers you might be able to take – however fuzzy.

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  1. Ann Quinton
    Ann Quinton says:

    Further to this evening’s conversation, we observed one glow worm in the verge on the East side of Station Road on the railway bridge at 1025 as we returned from a walk up Long Drove.


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