Ode to a comet

Ode to a Comet


Neowise lights up the skies

North westly, after dark

Below The Plough and Ursa M

Shine, twinkle, trailing bright.

Us moderns with our science eyes

Not tuned to myth and legend

Observe with interest, no more

Just map and count and measure.

Ignoring all the Ancients thought

And feared when such are summoned.


But wait indeed, what have we here?

It’s lockdown covid year!

Jobs gone, furloughs and business bust,

Signs, masks and keep your distance,

Our lives are turning upside down

And everything is virtual.

It’s click/collect and b*gger off

No browsing at the shops

Cashless is now the style du jour

And queuing a new art.


Ah yes, you’re right, I clean forgot

There’s Brexit looming too…..


So, Neowise the light, the bright,

So visible these nights

What further portents do you bring

This lockdown year of blight?

We all expect a second wave

Of that there is no doubt,

And climate change is here to stay

Too hot, too cold – who knows?

Is there anymore that you can do

That we’ve not done already?!


Chris Harris


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