NHS scam emails

The scammers haven’t gone away, and now they’re using COVID travel passes and the ‘omicron’ variant to try and hook you in. Look for the usual signs – poor spelling, unusual use of English and a fairly basic layout.

Today there have been two emails going around, neither of which looks like an official NHS email, though the second one has used a font that resembles the UK.GOV website one. In this post, for safety, both are inserted as jpg files rather than the original email.

The first purports to offer you a COVID travel certificate:

The second tells you about an omicron PCR test:

If you hover over the web address in the second one, it directs you to a ‘targetnews’ website, clearly nothing to do with the NHS!

The NHS’ own Counter Fraud Authority offers useful guidance here:   https://cfa.nhs.uk/fraud-prevention/COVID-19-guidance/COVID-19-vaccine-fraud

Stay safe online!

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