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Westbury Butterfly of the Week 29th April 2020


Green-veined white: It looks like a cabbage white but isn’t. They over winter as pupae which emerge in April and lay their eggs on wild relatives of cabbages – garlic mustard, charlock, lady’s smock and other wild brassicas. In gardens they may use nasturtiums and Alyssums. The offspring of the butterflies flying now emerge in July or August and their offspring, in turn, will become the overwintering pupae. The butterfly is the size of a small white but on the upper side of the forewings the black on the wing tip goes round the point of the wing. In the small white it is only on the front edge. The underside of the hind wing has veins heavily dusted with black and yellow scales giving the ‘green veins’ in its name. Compared to the ‘cabbage whites’ both large and small, they are much more commonly seen out in the wider countryside though they do pass through gardens on their wanderings. The whites seen on the top of Mendip are more LIKELY to be green-veined whites whereas in your garden cabbage patch, it is the other way round. See Butterflies of the Week for 6th May.

Photos John Ball   Peter Bright

Poem of the Week

We have another poem of the week.  We plan in future to put these out on Mondays and have enough to see us well into May but please keep your contributions coming in.

A Haiku inspired by Womens Hour

Coronavirus-Covid 19 -Community Support

For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

As the recent run of good weather has come to an end it is perhaps appropriate to focus on activities for children and families to undertake while locked down.  Ellie Mains has put together a number of suggestions for fun activities, and some rather more serious suggestions about how to combat the worries and frustrations that some children may be experiencing as the pandemic continues.

Update for Families 28 April  Safe Ways To Deal With Angry Feelings

brain in the palm of the hand visual handout-compressed


Look Again – FREE 7-day Mindful Photography Activities FINAL LR4

There is still time to enter our poster competition, or indeed to adopt a telegraph pole as we described in a previous update – only five have been adopted so far leaving plenty of choice.  To encourage those thinking about poster production we are attaching a copy of one sent in to us by John Barkle depicting one of Westbury’s more relaxed inhabitants.

Coronavirus-Covid 19 -Community Support

For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

We are forwarding a further message from the Chair of the Parish Council thanking all residents for their cooperation with the social distancing regime and highlighting the work of the many volunteers who are helping to make this possible. 27.4.20 Westbury PC message copy2

A good illustration of the various ways people are supporting their community is the list of helplines and services that are available in the village – we are attaching an updated copy of this list for people to print out and keep handy. Helpline Summary 5 27.04.2020

In a previous email we urged individuals to ‘adopt a telegraph pole’ and help remove the unsightly collection of staples and pins that attach to them.  A prize will be awarded to the person who extracts the maximum weight of metal from an individual pole. We are pleased to say that four poles have so far been adopted and will now provide clean surfaces for entrants to our poster competition.  However, there are still some poles, such as the one outside the school, which offer a potential prize-winning opportunity.

Finally, those interested in Westbury Wildlife will be pleased to see that Peter Bright has uploaded to the website details of the latest butterfly of the week – the Holly Blue.  In future these will appear on Wednesdays to coincide with the start of the weeks on the butterfly recording sheets that many villagers are using. If you would like to help record the appearance of different species of butterfly throughout the year please contact Peter on

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher  (870531) on behalf of the parish council

Butterfly of the Week 22nd April 2020


Holly blue: This little piece of flying sky is a butterfly of woods, hedgerows and gardens. The female has broad black borders to the wings, while those of the male are clear blue and resemble the common blue. It can be distinguished by the silver with small black spots undersides of the wings whereas the common blue has the underside brown with black and orange spotting. More useful is that the holly blue, being a butterfly of trees and bushes, flies much higher than the common blue that is a butterfly of meadows and stays close to the ground – usually!    The holly blue is unusual in having two generations a year where the caterpillars of each generation have different food plants. The adults flying now, in the Spring, have emerged from pupae that have overwintered. After mating the females lay eggs on the flower buds of holly. The caterpillars will eat the flower buds and such damage can be seen. After two or three weeks as a pupa hidden in leaf litter the adults emerge. This generation emerges in July and lays eggs in the flower buds of ivy. It is the pupae from these caterpillars that will over winter. This butterfly should, really, be called the holly and the ivy blue!

Photos  Robert Maxwell Wood

Coronavirus-Covid 19 -Community Support

For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

Friendly Society Grant Support – for individuals and organisations

The big news is that the Westbury  Friendly Society is launching its own grant schemes to help individuals, families and organisations that in the short term cannot get adequate help from elsewhere.  The details of both will be available on the village website and updated as things develop.  Full details of the support scheme for individuals and families are also attached here. 2020 Fund Protocol and Guidelines – Individuals Final final

The Friendly Society has made money available from its own funds, anticipates getting further funding should it be needed from the parish council, and is in a position to bid for funding from public and private sources outside the village. It can therefore respond quickly as needed.

Telephone support for those concerned about financial issues

The listening line have agreed to extend their offer of confidential telephone support to people who have worries about their financial circumstances and might like to discuss where they can look for help including through the Friendly Society scheme.  We have recruited an extra team of three advisers with experience in these matters who can offer help: they are not financial advisers and are not able to provide  financial advice to individuals but can point people towards sources of support from government and private organisations.  If someone leaves a voice message or text on 07851 227855 one of our team will ring back.


Foodbanks are increasingly important in helping families cope with short term emergencies and there are ones available in both Wells and Cheddar.  Customers in the village shop have been very generous in providing donations which are sent to the Cheddar Foodbank.  Since individuals can no longer add items to the foodbank box while browsing in the shop it has been suggested that when ordering people might like to add a small sum for a donation.  Some have already started to do this, and have been very generous, but the foodbanks could always use more.  To contact the Wells Foodbank ring 07871 689958   Information about the Cheddar Foodbank can be found at  and they can be contacted on 07919 540803

Sources of Support

We are seeking to put together an accessible summary of information on sources of financial support for those facing financial issues.  A first draft of the summary is attached but this document will regularly be updated as more information comes to light and new initiatives are launched by government or other bodies.  If you register for updates from the village website you can be alerted when new versions of the document with more up to date information are posted.

Other Financial Support

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)  on behalf of the parish council

Large red damselfly

Large red damselflies are first of our damsels/dragons to emerge in spring. The male latches on to the female by holding on to her neck with claspers while she searches the pond for egg-laying sites.

Coronavirus-Covid 19 -Community Support

For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

Friday 24th April

Brighten up our telegraph poles

One visible reminder of the social opportunities currently not available to us is the sad state of our telegraph poles; instead of a range of posters advertising events in the village hall or on the playing field there is simply a jumble of rusting staples, pins and tacks.  Some time ago people were invited to adopt a pole and extract the disfiguring hardware and a small prize was offered for the one who removed the greatest weight of metal. If anyone is keen to do the same again, please let us know which pole you have cleaned, and the weight of metal and we will arrange a prize for the winner.

To further brighten up the village we are launching a competition for children to design posters on the theme of keeping us safe. Please see the poster inviting entries which is attached.   The posters will be displayed on the various telegraph poles and prizes will be awarded.  Please send your entry to Sue Reece  either as a scanned file or via the village shop.

POSTER (002)-compressed

A note from the church about the parish survey

We are pleased to pass on a note from Linda Mogford about the parish survey conducted by the church.

Firstly thanks to those people who returned the survey although unfortunately it had to be delivered just at the start of the Covid problems.
Now that we have received many of the surveys, which were sent to every house in the village, we have been able to compose the description of the village and its attitudes and aspirations for the Church in future which will be a part of the Profile document for applicants to the post of Vicar..
Everyone who responded was keen to keep the Church and a Vicar, even if they never go to Church. Many would like the building to be used more for events as well as services and to be available to all age groups. This information has become a part of the Profile document which will be sent to anyone who responds when the vacancy is advertised. The Profile document will have sections about Westbury, Easton and Priddy and a part on how the Benefice of three parishes works as a whole

Improvements to the Westbury Website.

Regular users of the Westbury Website will find a change that should make it easier to use as more items of interest are uploaded.  Items posted on the News page   ( ) are now sorted into various categories so that, for example, anyone interested in Westbury Wildlife, can find all the news items on that topic placed together. As more use is made of the site further categories can be added; suggestions should be sent to Mark Smith at

Update from Somerset Councils

There is a link here to a newsletter from Somerset County Council giving information on a number of initiatives including action on domestic abuse and funding for Somerset charities.  It also reports that local authority staff will be contacting another 70,000 potentially vulnerable people across the county to check that they are being supported and to advise where local groups might help.  If anyone gets such a call, they shouldn’t worry and should be encouraged to accept the help that is available.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council.

Coronavirus-Covid 19 -Community Support

For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

Until now Somerset has not been seriously affected by the coronavirus outbreak, but the signs are that we are now beginning to catch up with the rest of the country.   It seems a good time therefore to summarise the information from NHS England about the symptoms of coronavirus and what to do if you feel unwell.  The information in the attached sheet has been specially prepared for us by a qualified doctor and emphasises the need to self-isolate if it seems you might have the disease or have been exposed to someone who has.  We would remind everyone that we have sufficient volunteers available to ensure that anyone needing to self-isolate should have no need to leave the house other than for emergency medical attention.

COVID Advice if unwell at home_ (002)

As well as the physical consequences of the disease, self-isolation and anxiety about the illness and its consequences can give rise to mental health issues.  We are therefore also drawing attention to a helpful guidance note from the government on supporting children’s and young people’s mental health during the current crisis.   It is available here  and we can make summaries available for those not on-line should they so request.