E.ON payment scam email

There’s another email scam going around at the moment, this time from E.ON. If you don’t buy electricity from E.ON account, you’ll quickly realise it’s a trap, but they may also use other electricity providers.

Clues that it’s a spam message include spelling mistakes and the email address it comes from, which is clearly not an E.ON one:

“E.ON CUSTOMER NOTICE” eonenergy.gjffysbs @ monogym.jp


The E.ON one reads:


Our system indicates that an error in our billing procedures has led to an overcharge on your latest payment to us.

Our accounting department has concluded that you are eligible for a refund of £85 GBP view online.

E.ON Issuing Date: 16 NOV 2021
E.ON Refundable Ammount: £85 GBP
E.ON Payment Method: E.ON Electronically by card

For help with your E.ON account, tweet @eonhelp. 8am 8pm Mon – Friday & 8am – 6pm Sat. UK.


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