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For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website

WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

Two items in this update:

A number of residents have received a letter via Royal Mail purporting to be from someone in the village, which urges them to join a new neighbourhood group by submitting a code to a web address. It is either mischievous or some sort of scam and our advice is that if you have received it you should have nothing to do with it. If anyone receives a similar letter or email in the future and is unsure of its authenticity please feel free to check with one of us before taking any action that might potentially put you at risk. It is unfortunate that at a time like this there are still people out there simply wishing to cause trouble.

On a lighter note the attached document from Ellie Mains gives some further suggestion for activities to inform and entertain children. It is particularly suitable for parents but grandparents, other relatives and the young at heart generally may find it interesting as well.

Update for families 9 April

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