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For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website

WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

There are no significant changes in government advice to be aware of today; it remains focussed on social distancing; only go out for food, health reasons or work and stay at least two metres away from all others outside your household. We do however have a few items of information that people may find useful or interesting.

Pub take away menu The latest version of the pub take away menu is attached.  2020.4.6 Takeaway Menu PLB version (1)  Those who wish to receive regular alerts as the menu changes should register for
updates from the Homepage.

Face Masks Cathy Hancock is seeking resources for making face masks for use with and by people who are being shielded. She has received requests from two surgeries to provide masks to a specific design and is asking for donations of suitable materials – supplies of old T shirts (ideally clean!), pipe cleaners and iron on, or sew in interfacing. The masks are made as hygienically as possible out of fabrics which have been shown on testing to have 50-60% efficacy against the transmission of virus particles. They can be re-used and washed at 60 degrees C, then hot ironed to sanitise them again. The use of these masks helps save the officially supplied masks for the clinical staff who urgently need them: materials can be left in a plastic box inside her gate at Cottage Farm in the Hollow preferably after being washed at 60 degrees.

Information in emergencies. A recent incident where someone was rushed to hospital in an emergency (not COVID related) underlined the need for individuals, particularly those who live alone, to leave key information accessible for those who may need to help them, whether volunteers or professionals. A suggested list might be :

 If on medication, make sure that someone knows what they are and where they are kept. If that’s not feasible, keep them somewhere relatively obvious, or keep a list including your name, address, date of birth etc., perhaps by the phone.
 It would also be helpful in an emergency for helpers to have next of kin details – tell someone or keep a list by the phone. Ideally someone locally that you trust should also have a set of spare keys or know where they are.
 Keeping a small hospital ready bag handy might not be a bad idea either, plus making sure any mobile phone and charger are somewhere obvious.

Finally a bit of fun for those feeling creative –
Peter Bright is organising an Easter Egg painting competition with a prize donated by the village pub (thanks Andy) Full details are available on the Westbury Parish Council website News Post.
St Cuthbert Out Parish Council is organising a story writing competition with book tokens as prizes. Again, details are available on the Westbury website

Sue Reece (870618) Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council

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