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Sue Reece (870618) Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

Wednesday 01/04/2020

This is a relatively short update as there has been no significant change in government advice. It remains focused on the enforcement of social distancing for everybody and self-isolation for anyone who has the symptoms of COVID 19 or has been close to anyone who has. This will continue to be needed for at least another two weeks and more for vulnerable groups.

To help people cope with these restrictions we are doing two things

Keeping the village supplied –
The shop is working hard to maintain a local supply of essential goods so that people don’t need to travel outside the village for shopping, or indeed to leave their homes if they use the shop delivery system. The new ordering arrangements seem to be working well and if the shop receives an order, preferably by email or text (or phone if you have to) before 11.30 we can arrange same day delivery.

Those people who order milk and papers from Durstons Deliveries will know that the delivery service is suspended for at least two weeks because of the need for staff to self-isolate. The shop can supply milk and may be able to deliver papers, though it would probably be in the afternoon. Let us know what you would like using the email and we will do our best to meet your needs.

The village pub is offering a takeaway service of food and drink and can deliver to your door. The menu changes each week and a copy of this week’s menu is attached. In future we hope to have the current menu available on the village website which is one more reason for registering for updates (go to the home page & scroll down to the bottom right corner.)

2020.3.30 Takeaway Menu PLB version

Keeping the village entertained-
After a week or so of being ‘locked down’ many people will be finding it hard to keep the kids and themselves entertained. We are therefore circulating a list of suggestions for activities that are particularly aimed at children, but adults may also enjoy. Ellie Mains (870262) has produced a list of resources that seem to be both fun and educational and would be grateful to receive further ideas for a future bulletin. In due course we will produce a similar paper for older age groups – if anyone would like to make suggestions for what could be included please contact Sue Isherwood (870457)

Family resources 31.3.2020

Gardening is one of the few outdoor activities left to us and Ellie has also set up a Facebook page where people can exchange ideas, advice and maybe surplus plants. Call or email Ellie at Ellie Mains to get added to the group.

In the same vein Peter Bright has set up a WhatsApp group for people who are interested in local wildlife and would like to share records of sightings and pictures. To be added to the group please email Peter at Peter Bright


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