Coronavirus-Covid 19 – Community Support

No major announcements are expected from the government before the weekend, so this update focuses mainly on local matters.  For those who are keen to look at the data which will inform the government’s decisions however there are interesting figures in the set of slides released today by No. 10.( See )   They show for example that the South West continues to have the lowest number of Covid-19 related hospital cases of all UK countries and regions.

The poster competition attracted eight entries and the standard was so high that our team of judges was unable to decide on a winner.  They all share a joint first place therefore, and copies of their work will be displayed on the newly cleaned up telegraph poles around the village.  Congratulations to Iona Halls, Ivy Halls, Chase Ives, Susannah Wylie, Simeon and Toby Wylie (joint effort), Chloe Bateman, Blake Reece and John Barkle.

The telegraph pole clean up however produced a clear winner – Julie Romeo extracted 94 grams of metal from the pole at Mortar Pits; at current scrap metal prices that is worth around one penny!  Julie has asked for her prize money to be given in the form of a donation to the foodbank so items to the value of £25, funded by an anonymous benefactor, will be provided from the village shop.  The Silver Medal goes to Pavla Love who took 73 grams from the pole outside the school and Bronze to John Field with 43 grams from Station Road.   All in all, 9 poles were cleaned and look much better for it.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher  (870531)  on behalf of the parish council.


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