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For this update and all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please see the dedicated Coronavirus page on the Parish Council website   WsM Covid-19 webpage

Updates issued by Sue Reece (870618) and Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

We are forwarding a further message from the Chair of the Parish Council thanking all residents for their cooperation with the social distancing regime and highlighting the work of the many volunteers who are helping to make this possible. 27.4.20 Westbury PC message copy2

A good illustration of the various ways people are supporting their community is the list of helplines and services that are available in the village – we are attaching an updated copy of this list for people to print out and keep handy. Helpline Summary 5 27.04.2020

In a previous email we urged individuals to ‘adopt a telegraph pole’ and help remove the unsightly collection of staples and pins that attach to them.  A prize will be awarded to the person who extracts the maximum weight of metal from an individual pole. We are pleased to say that four poles have so far been adopted and will now provide clean surfaces for entrants to our poster competition.  However, there are still some poles, such as the one outside the school, which offer a potential prize-winning opportunity.

Finally, those interested in Westbury Wildlife will be pleased to see that Peter Bright has uploaded to the website details of the latest butterfly of the week – the Holly Blue.  In future these will appear on Wednesdays to coincide with the start of the weeks on the butterfly recording sheets that many villagers are using. If you would like to help record the appearance of different species of butterfly throughout the year please contact Peter on

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher  (870531) on behalf of the parish council

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