Coronavirus Community Support – Update 28.09.2020


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Who can I meet and where?

As the rules on social distancing keep changing many of us may be a little confused about what we can and cannot do.  If you need to check what the rules are at the moment you can look at the latest guidance which was issued on the 22nd September. One of the key changes is that many of the rules are now legally enforceable with fines for those who deliberately break them.  This includes a new duty to self-isolate if you test positive.

The Village Hall

Changes to the rules affect what can and cannot take place in the village hall. The hall committee is working with event organisers to determine what kind of activities can safely and legally take place.  It is a complex picture and rather than try to summarise it here anyone interested in using the hall is urged to talk through their proposals with Peter Bright (01749 870640)

The NHS Covid tracing app.

Most people will have heard about the NHS covid tracing app which can be downloaded onto most Apple or Android smartphones. The app enables you to record your presence at any premises displaying the associated QR code and uses Bluetooth to check how near you are to other app users when you have the app and Bluetooth switched on. You will be informed if anyone you’ve been near for more than a few minutes has been confirmed as having Covid-19. The app does not keep a central record of your movements and gives no personal information to anyone else. The Bluetooth proximity tracking works whether or not you have a mobile signal, but the app requires access to a mobile or wireless network in order to work fully. This article explains a little more about how the app works and how it seeks to ensure user confidentiality.

Letter from the Chair of the Parish Council

Finally, the regular letter from the Chair of the Parish Council, Sue Isherwood, is here. In it she talks about changes in personnel at the Council and the timetable for grant applications this year.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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