Coronavirus Community Support – Update 27.07.2020


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Re-opening the Village Hall

We have received the following message from the Village Hall Management Committee about reopening the hall and would urge everyone to complete the short survey they are conducting in order to help village organisations plan ahead.

Use of Westbury Village Hall

We need to plan carefully how the village hall might be brought back into use for a range of activities from September.  It is clear that we will need to put in place social distancing arrangements that will reduce the capacity of the hall, and there will be extra costs associated with enhanced cleaning.  The most important unknown however is whether those who have traditionally used the hall will feel that it is safe enough to return. We are therefore conducting a short survey to gauge opinion on the matter in order to help organisers plan what to do.

We appreciate that many people may still be undecided about what they will feel like doing from September onwards, and may indeed change their minds, but we cannot wait until then to start to plan – films and speakers have to be booked and events and activities advertised.  It would be very helpful therefore if as many people as possible could give us their current best assessment of how they might behave over the early autumn.  You can do so by clicking on the link below which will take you to a very short survey. It will only take a matter of minutes to complete (unless of course they wish to add lengthy comments which is possible and which we would welcome)

This notice is being widely circulated in Westbury via the regular Monday updates from the Parish Council.  Event organisers however should feel free to forward a copy to anyone from outside the village who has traditionally been involved in their activities, and to use their normal distribution lists to encourage the largest possible response.

Westbury Village Hall Management Committee

Letter from the Parish Council Chair

The regular letter from the chair of the Parish Council, Sue Isherwood, is here.


Eat out to help out

The Westbury Inn will be taking advantage of the ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme announced by the chancellor which is intended to encourage people to get back in the habit of eating in pubs and restaurants.  A £10.00 discount will be available on a special range of meals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during August starting on Monday 3rd.  Watch out for details of the offer which will be posted on the village website.


Rewilding Westbury

The Parish Council has recently received two documents connected to the theme of rewilding or creating nature recovery networks.  Mendip District Council has provided a link to some interesting maps showing where it proposes to create wildflower areas by changing its grass cutting regime.  One of them is in Westbury.  At about the same time the Parish Council received a report from the Wildlife Trusts giving examples of actions that local communities around the country are taking to reverse insect decline; interestingly one of the examples quoted is in Priddy.


Short Drove is safe again.

Those who have been avoiding Short Drove because of reports (or experience) of angry bees nearby can now include this route in their walks once more – the bees have been removed.


Changes to local services

Still with a green theme Somerset Waste partnership is proposing changes to recycling services which will come into effect from October.  A greater range of items will be collected in the household recycling bins meaning that residual waste will only be collected once every three weeks.  The library service will be opening its new  ‘order and collect’ service in Wells from today (27th July)


Poem of the Week

Finally, our poem of the week, posted separately, is from Chris Harris, inspired by the appearance of a comet in our skies.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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