Coronavirus Community Support – Update 26.06.2020

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Lockdown easing – local changes.

People will be aware that significant changes in the lockdown arrangements will come into effect on July 4th though the government is keen to stress that the virus has not gone away and their advice on limiting social contacts, maintaining two metres distance wherever possible and washing hands regularly still applies.  For those who want to check through the detail of what we will and will not be allowed to do after that date an updated version of government guidance that incorporates the changes can be accessed here

We will circulate information about how these changes will affect local organisations as and when we receive them.  What we currently know is as follows.

The Church

We have received the following message from the Church

In view of the Government’s latest statement on opening Churches for worship we are waiting details on how this might be done safely. We will then investigate how to open safely here in Westbury. We hope to be able to make a decision next week. 

We hope to publish the PEW magazine again for September. The deadline for copy to the editor will probably be 23rd August.
Please submit your items to
or advertising to and remember private advertisements  by parishioners are free. 

A big thank you to Andrew Sealy and his family for all the work which has been done in the Churchyard in recent weeks. In particular Andrew has refurbished and painted all the seats. They are now standing on tiles to try to stop the legs rotting. Please do enjoy the peace of the churchyard but if you move a seat please replace it on the tiles which are set into the grass beneath each leg. 

The Playing Fields

The Robert Glanvile Playing Field Trust committee are glad to announce that the facility will re-open on Saturday July 4th, in line with government guidelines – further details will follow in Monday’s newsletter.

In addition to this news the committee are pleased to announce the date of the AGM, which will be Tuesday 21st July at 8pm – the AGM will take place via Zoom conferencing software so would anyone wishing to attend please email Guy on and he will send the meeting link in reply.

The committee is actively seeking new members (we especially need a secretary) so if anyone is interested in finding out more about getting involved please call Guy on 870285. 

The Westbury Inn

Andy and his team at the Westbury will be delighted to open their doors once again from the 4th July conforming to the guidelines set out by government to keep people safe.  It will be table service whether you call in for a meal or just a drink and to begin with it would be advisable to book as space will be limited.  People will have seen the new outside seating in the front garden but there are also new outside booths at the back, and stringent sanitary precautions in place   e.g. a strict ‘one in: one out’  policy in the toilets, sanitiser dispensers available  etc.

Although the pub is reopening the take-away and home delivery service will continue. An updated menu will be circulated on Monday. 

More scams

Another couple of scams have been brought to our attention by a local resident.  One, purporting to be from HSBC, refers to suspected transactions by a Mrs K Adams; another claiming to be from BT suggests that your service will be suspended unless you supply card details.  Needless to say you should never supply personal financial details in response to an unsolicited phone call or email and if you have the slightest doubts over the authenticity of an enquiry you should hang up or log off.  If worried you can check with whoever you think might have rung you by another route.

Butterflies of the week and month

Finally a double helping for wildlife enthusiasts this week as Peter Bright has posted both butterflies to look out for at the moment and a couple that you have probably missed.  You can find them all here


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council


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