Coronavirus Community Support – Update 22.06.2020

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Future updates.

Having moved to issue our updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday it seems that the government has decided to make a big announcement on Tuesday; so this week the pattern will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Since things are becoming a bit more stable we are thinking that we might reduce to two updates per week – Tuesday and Friday from next week – unless of course there are important changes that just won’t wait.  If you have thoughts about the frequency and content of the updates do let us know.

Relaxation of shielding rules from 6th July

The government has announced that those people who are shielding will be able to meet up to 6 people from other households out of doors and join a support bubble from the 6th July; and the shielding rules will be paused from the 1st August.  This is part of the roadmap to end the lockdown and we expect to learn more tomorrow.

Recycling sites adopt ‘shop style’ measures

Somerset Waste Partnership has announced further relaxation of the restrictions in place at recycling centres with markings on the ground to help users comply with social distancing as in some shops.  They can now accept a wider range of materials though they still can’t help you lift things out of the car.  Full information about the current position is here

Citizens advice newsletter

Those interested in the work of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or perhaps wanting to make use of its services may be interested in the newsletter they have just issued describing what they do and how to contact them.  It is here

More scams

One of the items featured in the CAB newsletter is how to protect yourself from scams which seem to be increasingly common.  One local resident has drawn our attention to a suspicious email that has been received by a number of people in the village recently.  He says

Some people have received emails in the last few days from skiparankin@hotmail. This is highly likely to be a phishing email and is certainly not from a trusted source. It should be deleted without being opened.


Poem of the week

Finally, being a Monday, we have our poem of the week, this time contributed by Alistair Sage



The problem with self-isolation?

It leads to a sense of frustration.

To reduce this it’s clear

That you might need a beer

Which then causes intoxication.


The problem with intoxication?

You cannot absorb information.

To solve this it’s clear

That you need yet more beer

Which in turn leads to self-isolation.


The problem with self-isolation….




Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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