Coronavirus Community Support – Update 20.05.2020

Update 20.05.2020

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Now that the lockdown arrangements are well established, we plan to reduce the frequency of these updates, unless of course there is a major change that people need to be aware of.  We expect to only put them out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so if you don’t get one on other days don’t think you have missed something.

The main item tonight is a reminder about the Friendly Society scheme of financial support  Financial Support Summary for families whose income has been hit by the pandemic.  This sets out how people can find out what support might be available and how to apply to the Friendly Society.  We are anxious that everyone in the community is aware of this initiative so would be grateful if local coordinators could bring it to the attention of those not on email: we will in addition be displaying it on parish noticeboards.

We advised in a previous update that bin collection services are back to normal;  you need to remember however that because of the Bank Holiday on Monday collections next week will all be one day later (as is normal for Bank Holidays)  It is also worth remembering that although the tips have reopened everything other than garden waste risks going to landfill so only take recyclables if you have no alternative.  See details at

As it is a Bank Holiday weekend coming up the AONB have issued guidance to visitors planning to come to the area, reminding them that facilities will be closed, parking limited, and social distancing rules required.  They are asking visitors to

  • Think carefully before deciding to come to the Mendip Hills.
  • Remember that all attractions, pubs, cafes, toilets and shops are shut.
  • Understand that this is a living, working area and that there is a need to respect farming and local communities.
  • Keep strictly to social distancing guidance and avoid walking near farm buildings and homes where possible.
  • Not stay overnight on open access land or in visitor car parks.

Government guidance on access to green spaces can be found here

Finally, being a Wednesday, Peter Bright’s ‘Butterfly of the Week’ has been posted on the village website.  It is the Red Admiral and you can find it here


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher  (870531)  on behalf of the Parish Council

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