Coronavirus Community Support – Update 15.06.2020

Update 15.06.2020

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Message from the PC Chair

This update includes the latest message from the Chair of the Parish Council, on this occasion focussing on sustainable travel.  There is a renewed emphasis on developing opportunities for cycling and walking with support from both central and local government to increase the network of off-road paths. Sue Isherwood’s message is here.

Wearing masks.

If you do have to travel on public transport, then from today you will have to wear a mask.  It is also required in medical settings and recommended practice in other indoor spaces such as shops ( see and also  on keeping safe while shopping)   Locally made masks can be obtained from the village shop.

Some people have complained that wearing a mask causes their glasses to steam up.    The Royal College of Surgeons advises that washing spectacles in soapy water and allowing them to dry naturally before wearing a mask will stop misting (see why at )


All Somerset recycling sites are now operating normal hours though with some continuing restrictions on access and on what can be recycled.  For the full details see the link here   Since garden waste can now be recycled into compost by either taking it to one of the amenity sites or through kerbside recycling there should be much less need for garden bonfires which continue to cause distress to many of our residents.

Mendip stays safe

Mendip remains one of the places with the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in England.  A recent spike in numbers in Somerset was caused by malfunction in one of the testing machines at Musgrove Park Hospital as explained here.   The low level of infection in our community is no cause for complacency but nevertheless many will find it reassuring.

Poem of the week

Finally, continuing our mission to fight the pandemic with poetry, we have a contribution here prompted by the opening up of non-essential shops.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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  1. Mick Fletcher
    Mick Fletcher says:

    If you want to support the development of sustainable transport routes in Mendip you could start by writing in support of the current application to extend the Strawberry Line path from Dulcote to Charlie Bigham’s factory – it hits all the buttons. See


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