Coronavirus Community Support – Update 13.05.2020

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Update 13.05.2020

Clap for carers

Many people in the village join in with the ‘clap for key workers’ on Thursday evenings but what do the workers themselves think.  We print below a personal response from one village resident whose work is on the front line.

This is just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for joining in with the Thursday clap for Key Workers. It really helps to give us a lift in these challenging times. 

I drove a patient into the Royal United Hospital last Thursday as the time was approaching 8pm and we had a standing clapping noisy ovation for the journey through Bath which literally brought tears to our eyes – fantastic.

It is so great to know that our efforts are appreciated in these difficult times.

For your information all hospitals in our area are running well and have lots of space and capacity. A+E attendances are low along with 999 call outs. If you are ill and feel you need to visit a hospital, please try not to worry and either attend or call 999 if needed as you would before this outbreak. 

All ambulance crews wear fresh PPE for every call out and Patients with Covid concerns are placed in separate areas of the hospital, so the chances of transmission are as low as possible. So, if you need medical help please seek it.

Thanks again for all the support.

Paul Wylie, Lead Paramedic – Glastonbury Ambulance Station and Westbury-sub-Mendip Resident 


Another way people in the village have been supporting front line staff is by making masks.  Cathy Hancock and her team have now supplied 500 facemasks both to care home staff and local residents – they are available for free in the village shop (maximum two per household, donations appreciated)  The government has come round to recommending the use of face masks in enclosed public spaces ( see ) but emphasises that they are not a substitute for hand washing, social distancing etc., should not be worn for prolonged periods and should be carefully washed after use.

If you would like to help, Cathy is looking for donations of clean unwanted T shirts, men’s cotton shirts or cotton dress fabric.  Leave them in the box in her front garden at Cottage Farm,  the Hollow.

Spending time outdoors

There is also revised guidance from the government on spending time outdoors which you can find here As well as being able to spend an unlimited time outdoors people are also now free to drive to other places for the purpose of recreation. While this will be welcome, we should remember that social distancing rules are unchanged, and that the freedom to travel may bring more people from outside into the Mendips making distancing harder.

Butterfly of the week

Finally, when spending time outdoors, people may want to identify some of the butterflies that appear to be particularly abundant this year.  Peter Bright’s butterfly of the week posted on the village website is the Brimstone.  Find it, together with all previous examples, here

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher  (870531)  on behalf of the parish council

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