Coronavirus Community Support – Update 12.06.2020

Update 12.06.2020

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Bubbly for some

The big news today is that if you live alone you are now entitled to form what is called a “support bubble” with one other household.  This allows you to enter each other’s houses, and act in effect as one large household. Having decided who is in your bubble however you cannot change your mind; so, for example, a grandparent living alone might have to choose which of their adult children’s households they can join.  (Any others can still be seen but only outside and two metres apart)  The revised regulations are here

Making and wearing face masks

Official policy on face masks has now changed and we are required to wear them in certain public places. We are happy to pass on a message from Cathy Hancock who has been organising the production and sale of masks in the village.

Reusable, cotton face masks are the environmentally friendly option, as we all need masks now for public transport, medical appointments, shops and other public indoor places.  Our volunteer sewing team from Mask Force- Wells have produced well over 1000 cotton face masks. Many have been donated to carers and other key workers. We have supplied the village shop with over 250 masks.  We really appreciate those kind people who have generously donated, which really helps cover the cost of purchasing new fabrics, so we can keep on producing masks for everyone who needs them. We do now suggest a minimum donation of £1.50 which just covers material;, those who make them donate their time for free to sew these.

We still welcome donations of cotton fabric if you have any, BUT we have to be fussy; only certain fabrics work for masks. We can only use fine, 100% cotton. Like a poplin summer dress fabric, cotton men’s shirts or 100% cotton bedding. No linen, poly cotton, brushed cotton or any other fabrics please. We can’t use them and I can’t recycle them either due to Covid restrictions, so please don’t donate these as I don’t have room to store them! We have plenty of T shirts at the moment so we don’t need more of these either.

If you have fabric to donate but are not sure if we can use it, you are welcome to email me at I have a box for donations in my front garden, Cottage Farm, The Hollow. If anyone would like to sew for us, I’d be very happy to hear from you.

 Thank you, Cathy Hancock.

Another scam to watch out for.

Hilary Little has alerted us to a TV licence scam that is going around and we are forwarding her message to warn others to watch out.

 “Both Austin and I received emails yesterday saying that TV Licensing had failed to collect a monthly direct debit payment and saying that our licence was now at an end and there would be dire consequences if we failed to pay etc. The email had boxes saying where to amend your direct debit details which should ring warning bells!!! It also quoted a licence number and a monthly amount. Both of the last two details were wrong! But at the initial glance it looks genuine. Neither of us opened the email, we just viewed from the window and then deleted it, but in case anyone treats it as genuine, it is almost certainly a scam and can easily be checked by looking at your TV licence number, assuming that one prints it out when issued.”

Further thoughts on Church reopening.

Since the government has published further advice on the limited re-opening of churches the PCC has given thought to whether some steps might be taken in Westbury.  Linda Mogford explains why they have reached the decision to remain closed at the present time.

“There have been some questions about our Church and re-opening. We will not be holding services in the building at the moment. 

Busy high street churches with large congregations are organising regular opening times for individual quiet prayer in a certain area.

To open in this way we have to follow the following guidelines. We would have to give the building a thorough clean; we would need to advertise the opening time and have someone who is fit and well and probably under 70 yrs. on duty , all books etc put away, a register for any one attending, sanitiser and a marked area for seating. After each visit the whole area would need to be cleaned.

In Westbury people drop into the Church at any time of day for a few minutes. This rather more regimented approach would be a change from what people here expect. 

If you have any views on how we might achieve some opening time within the guidelines please contact Linda Mogford to discuss them 01749 870817 ”



Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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