Coronavirus Community Support – Update 10.06.2020

 Update 10.06.2020

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Most shops can now open.

From Monday 15th non-essential shops are allowed to reopen providing that they have made arrangements to maintain social distancing and sanitise surfaces likely to be touched by customers and staff.  The guidance states

businesses should only reopen once they have completed a risk assessment, in consultation with trade union representatives or workers, and are confident they are managing the risks. They must have taken the necessary steps to become COVID-19 secure in line with current Health and Safety legislation

But not pubs or hairdressers,

However pubs, cafes and hairdressers will still need to stay closed.   The government explains

hairdressers, nail bars and beauty salons, and the hospitality sector remain closed, because the risk of transmission in these environments is higher where long periods of person to person contact is required

For the full guidance see here   The guidance includes advice for business owners and workers in different sectors on how to stay safe and keep customers safe when reopening.

And not gyms or leisure centres,

“gyms and leisure centres remain closed, because the risk of transmission in these indoor environments is higher. You cannot exercise in an indoor fitness studio, gym, swimming pool, or other indoor leisure centres or facilities.”

nor playgrounds

which means that our own playing fields are still unable to open and still faced with maintenance expenditure while having lost their major sources of income.  One way to support the playing fields during these difficult times is to join the 100 Club which operates a monthly draw – details are on the attached sheet.  It is good to note that since we last mentioned the 100 club more villagers have come forward – but more are needed to help plug the gap in finances.

Butterfly of the Week

Finally., since it is a Wednesday, we have another butterfly of the week posted on the village website by Peter Bright.  This week’s butterfly is the Marbled White.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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