Coronavirus Community Support – Update 08.06.2020

  Update 08.06.2020

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Our main item tonight is an update from the Church regarding the opening of the cathedral and the continuing closure of the village church.

Church News
Some people may be aware that Wells Cathedral is planning to open for visitors from 4th July. When this happens there will be a clear one-way route around the building with volunteers to ensure social distancing. Some parts will not be open and the final details, including whether masks will be required have yet to be decided.
The Dean has stated that there will be opportunity for private prayer but no services are planned yet and definitely no singing . It seems that singing is a thing which may only be done in isolation for now.
Our Church in Westbury remains closed awaiting further guidance. We have measured, using social distancing guidelines, and we estimate that when we are allowed to open for some kind of service we could welcome 44 people inside. Perhaps we will need to hold a service outside, who knows. More meetings are to be held shortly to discuss how to proceed.
If you have an enquiry regarding our Church here in Westbury please contact Linda Mogford [Churchwarden] 01749 870817


Delivery of food boxes

We have been advised that some residents who were previously shielded will be receiving texts saying that they have been removed from the list and will no longer automatically receive food boxes. There may therefore be an increased need for local assistance. Unfortunately, neither we, nor the District Council have been given a list of who has been removed and don’t know who has been contacted.

People who have been in receipt of the boxes for 10-12 weeks and now have had that service stopped can re-register but it can take up to 15 days to start receiving the boxes again.  It would be good therefore if everybody could look out for individuals who may have been caught by this change and direct them towards our local support services, whether it is help with shopping that is needed or temporary financial support.  We are attaching to this update further copies of our summary of helplines and information about the Friendly Society financial support scheme.


Our poem of the week is ‘Badger Badger by Chris Harris, penned in response to increasing signs of activity by these creatures along the roadside and in gardens.  To go with it we are publishing photographic evidence  of  their



ingenuity and audacity in search of food – thanks to Peter Bright for the picture.  Are you sure you know who is coming through your cat flap?

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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