Coronavirus Community Support – Update 07.09.2020


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New Covid 19 cases in Mendip

There seem to have been rather a lot of rumours about new Covid cases in the Mendip area in the past few days.  The best information we can find is that there have been three new cases in Mendip in the last week; they are cases, not deaths and probably a result of increased testing. Although we must all stay alert there is no reason to panic.

There does seem to be an increase in the number of cases reported nationally as shown in this Chart (updated 07/09/2020).  Most of the increase appears to be among younger people and as students return to schools and colleges, we can expect this trend to continue.  There is no change in the official advice for this area although there are local lockdowns in place where there have been flare-ups.  

In order to keep everyone safe it is important that we all adhere to the guidance on social distancing and wearing masks however tedious that may seem.  The huge efforts made by staff and volunteers in the village shop have played an important part in reducing the need to travel to more crowded locations for essentials so it is really important that we don’t compromise staff safety and the availability of our local asset by cutting corners.  Please remember your mask when visiting the shop, however brief your visit.

Readers of the PEW will have seen the report we were asked to provide on what the village has done to keep safe during the pandemic.  The help we have had from so many volunteers and the co-operation of villagers has been so impressive that we thought it worth repeating here for the benefit of those who have not seen it.  It is


Scam alerts.

Sadly it is worth a reminder that the scammers have not given up and if you want to be alerted to recent contacts that have caused concern to neighbours please register for updates from the village website (ask us if you don’t know how) 

Tree Group


Finally, the tree group would like to share a couple of pictures of their initial work party clearing the ground for a tree nursery at Court House Farm.  Anyone wanting to help out by growing trees from seed or cuttings, or in any other way, should contact Buffy Fletcher or Guy Timpson.



Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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  1. Pippa Mains
    Pippa Mains says:

    I think our village emergency team and troup of volunteers has been incredible. How lucky we have all been , to be so well supported and to be kept so well informed over these last few months. Thanks to everyone who has made Westbury such a brilliant place to live!


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