Coronavirus Community Support – Update 05.10.2020

Coronavirus Community Support  –  Update 05.10.2020

For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website

Future updates

Over the past weekend we have managed to speak to most of our Eyes and Ears about the future of our updates, their content, frequency, and methods of circulation. If we haven’t managed to speak to you yet we’ll keep trying; or you could ring one of us. We are pleased to say that almost everyone we have spoken to thinks we have got the balance between village news and information about the pandemic about right; and at the moment once per week seems often enough. Most importantly everyone was happy to carry on with their current role of passing on information and keeping an eye out for their neighbours.  Thanks to all of you.

There are different views about how we should communicate with some preferring to be informed via alerts from the website and others preferring to receive an email that they can customise and pass on.  We will therefore carry on with both systems and assume that anyone who is happy to rely on the website can let their local contact know. You will know who cannot access email and can use your judgement about what it makes sense to pass on in paper form.

Covid support

There are no new restrictions coming into force this week though the upward trend in numbers suggests we need to prepare for a possible return of a more severe lockdown.  It is worth noting therefore that although our support teams are having a relatively quiet time at the moment they are still there for people who may feel less confident about going out shopping for example or just need a sympathetic ear.  A summary of support services is here in case you have mislaid it.

As the economic consequences of the pandemic become more serious it is worth reminding everyone of the local grant schemes. The Friendly Society can provide emergency financial support to individuals or families experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic (follow this link for details) and the Parish Council has a scheme of grant support for community organisations – the closing date for applications is extended to 29th October.

Free Resources

There are some new FREE online creative courses being organised by Creativity Works for the Mendip area. There is an exciting host of courses, including photography, creative writing and wild art. These courses will encourage people to have a focus, participate creatively with professional artists and each other, and meet like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment.

If you or anyone you know would like to find out more and sign up, please do share this link:

Another resource you might want to look at if you are worried about how someone is coping in these difficult times is here.  As the nights draw in and restrictions continue existing worries can be magnified; this guide contains practical ideas on how people can best look after themselves. 

Socially distanced cider making

We can’t have a traditional village cidermaking this year but the cidermakers will still have a pressing on 10th and 11th October with teams of six working in relays and not mingling.  If anyone would like to join in please contact Mick Fletcher (870531)  Since children are counted in the rule of six it is difficult to accommodate them at the pressing but if any parents would like to bring children up after school in the following week they will be able (with adult help) to add a bit of pressure and take away their own juice. Do call in advance however so we stay safe and legal.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

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