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Sue Reece (870618) Mick Fletcher (870531) on behalf of the parish council:

6 April 2020
Dear All,
We are living in strange times, but as a community we are pulling together in a really strong way and while I am on my daily walks around the village I see people observing the 2 metre safe distance, but still having a smile and a greeting for their neighbours.
However, with the spread of the virus in Somerset lagging a couple of weeks behind the rest of the UK there is an air of unreality about the current situation and it is difficult to remember to remain vigilant. And we now know of one case in the village where someone is seriously ill in hospital with some COVID 19 type symptoms (though as yet no clear diagnosis). The family are strictly adhering to the government guidelines on self-isolation (a further copy of our summary of this guidance is attached to this note  isolation information latest (1) ); they have informed all those with whom they have had recent contact, and these are also self-isolating; and they have alerted near neighbours to help keep them safe.

The family have also agreed that the parish council should issue this statement to help stop rumours and encourage adherence to government guidelines on social distancing.

To slow the spread of the disease we need everyone to be similarly responsible. Meanwhile we can only hope and pray that the individual concerned makes a full recovery.

Keep strong and safe.

Sue Isherwood
Chair Westbury-sub-Mendip Parish Council
Tel 01749 870457

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