Tree Group Activities

Tree planting activities are described on a separate page.  Other activities of the group are

Establishing a tree nursery. To obtain our own supply of trees for distribution around the parish the group is establishing a tree nursery with the aim of supplying around 1,500 young trees per year.  Volunteers are needed to help care for the trees, weeding, watering and transplanting.

Growing trees from seed.  In order to help restock the area with locally grown trees several members of the group are seeking to grow trees from seeds collected in the wild locally.  Some seeds like acorns are straightforward. Others are more complicated requiring, for example, alternating periods of hot and cold before they will germinate. Details are given in this guide.  New members of the tree seed group are welcome.

Publicising grants. There are many sources of funding available to help those wishing to plant trees whether on a small or large scale. The group is seeking to identify potential sources and bring them to the attention of appropriate landowners.


Community Tree Group