Strawberry Line Westbury is a group of local people seeking to link Westbury Sub Mendip with the existing Strawberry Line Multi-user path  to allow safe, off-road travel between the village and the communities to the East and West.   The group is affiliated to the Strawberry line Association  which represents several such local groups with similar objectives.  You can see what the Association has achieved on their website or follow them on Facebook

The group has been active for many years and while other communities have been successful in developing sections of the route progress in Westbury has been slow. You can see what has been achieved in other areas here.  An interesting report on bird life on the Strawberry line shows some of the benefits to nature as well as to people.

The new commitment by central government to promoting sustainable transport, and the fact that Mendip District Council is at last showing active leadership on the issue suggests that the time is right for a further push. Mendip District Council has developed an active travel plan to enable more people to walk or cycle to work.  In August 2020 it wrote to parish councils inviting them to discuss its plans for reducing motor vehicle use.

One way in which local people can support the development of the path is to write in support of planning applications as they are submitted to the council.  Currently there is an application to extend the path that leads from Wells to Dulcote to reach Charlie Bighams food factory in Dulcote Quarry. This will not only enable people to get to work without using a car but will be another step towards linking Wells and Shepton Mallet.  You can comment on the application here

Progress on developing the Strawberry Line (and other paths) is impeded by a lack of joined up government in the Department of Transport which makes it difficult to use old railway bridges to provide a safe crossing of busy roads. This recent article shows how this affects our work.

To find out more about Strawberry Line Westbury or how you can help us achieve our goals please get in touch using the form below.

Strawberry Line - Westbury

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