Poem of the Week

This week we return with a Shakespearean bent, the opening to The Scottish Play with a village twist!  Village ode

by Bob Dolby

Chris Harris

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Poem of the Week

We have another poem of the week.  We plan in future to put these out on Mondays and have enough to see us well into May but please keep your contributions coming in.

A Haiku inspired by Womens Hour

Poem of the Week

For those of a more literary bent Chris Harris is proposing to post a poem of the week and is challenging Westbury residents to compose a verse or two reflecting our current situation. Chris is one of our more prolific poets as anyone who has walked past her cottage on Old Ditch will have noticed, and to launch the scheme is offering one of her own recent creations ‘Not daffodils’ (see attached) Those wishing to take up the challenge should send their contributions to Chrisharris5500@gmail.com

Not Daffodils