Ode to a comet

Ode to a Comet


Neowise lights up the skies

North westly, after dark

Below The Plough and Ursa M

Shine, twinkle, trailing bright.

Us moderns with our science eyes

Not tuned to myth and legend

Observe with interest, no more

Just map and count and measure.

Ignoring all the Ancients thought

And feared when such are summoned.


But wait indeed, what have we here?

It’s lockdown covid year!

Jobs gone, furloughs and business bust,

Signs, masks and keep your distance,

Our lives are turning upside down

And everything is virtual.

It’s click/collect and b*gger off

No browsing at the shops

Cashless is now the style du jour

And queuing a new art.


Ah yes, you’re right, I clean forgot

There’s Brexit looming too…..


So, Neowise the light, the bright,

So visible these nights

What further portents do you bring

This lockdown year of blight?

We all expect a second wave

Of that there is no doubt,

And climate change is here to stay

Too hot, too cold – who knows?

Is there anymore that you can do

That we’ve not done already?!


Chris Harris





To wear or not to wear, that is the question….


Face masks might be quite uncomfy

But hospital beds are rather lumpy

It might be tricky to speak

But you won’t be part of the peak

With a mask you cannot eat

But death you will not meet

Red masks might clash with blue

But you won’t turn a sickly hue

You might think masks are a lot of money

But Covid isn’t very funny


p.s.  Wear a mask outside

Also wear a mask inside

So you could save lives


Hannah, Orlando, Izzy

Poem of the Week 18/05/20

Poem of the week

Finally our poem of the week is a parody of John Masefield’s ’Cargoes’ set in the time of coronavirus. Cargoes   

Poem of the Week 25/05/20

Poem of the week

Since it is a Monday we are putting out our regular ‘poem of the week’.  To encourage those who might want to compose a poem but have difficulty starting Andrew Buchanan has suggested that people might try to compose a ‘Cinquaine’ –  a five line poem written to a specific format.

Look around you and write down a favourite thing you can see

Use one word to name it; Use two words to describe it; Use three words to tell what it is doing; Use four words to tell how you feel about it; Use one word to wrap up your experience.


Here is his example:


Standing there

Waiting for action

Lockdown keeps it idle


Poem of the Week 15/06/20

Poem of the week

Finally, continuing our mission to fight the pandemic with poetry, we have a contribution here prompted by the opening up of non-essential shops.

Poem of the Week 22/06/20

Poem of the week

Finally, being a Monday, we have our poem of the week, this time contributed by Alistair Sage



The problem with self-isolation?

It leads to a sense of frustration.

To reduce this it’s clear

That you might need a beer

Which then causes intoxication.


The problem with intoxication?

You cannot absorb information.

To solve this it’s clear

That you need yet more beer

Which in turn leads to self-isolation.


The problem with self-isolation….


Poem of the Week 29/06/20

Poem of the week

Finally, since it is a Monday we have our poem of the week, kindly contributed by a former resident of the village Margaret Haslam. Many will remember Margaret’s contributions to ‘Poets and Pints’ in the Village Hall.    ‘Corona Catastrophe’ is well up to her usual standard.

Poem of the Week 06/07/20

Poem of the week
Finally the poem this week is contributed by Peter Bright, stimulated no doubt by the reopening of the Westbury

Poem of the Week 13/07/20

Poem of the week

Finally, as it is Monday we have another poem of the week, written when the supermarkets were finding it difficult to keep fully stocked – Not Daffodils by Chris Harris. We have a good stock of poems from regulars like Chris but would like to encourage others to come forward.  Its always good to have new voices.

Poem of the Week

This week we return with a Shakespearean bent, the opening to The Scottish Play with a village twist!  Village ode

by Bob Dolby

Chris Harris

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