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Coronavirus Community Support – Update 19.07.2021


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Lockdown laws end on 19th July

Most people will be aware that from Monday 19th July the legal limitations on what we can do in response to Covid-19 will be lifted.  The latest version of official guidance is here and the implications are

Social distancing

Events and gatherings

  • Nightclubs can reopen
  • Pubs and restaurants no longer table-service only
  • No limits on guests at weddings and funerals
  • No limits on people attending concerts, theatres or sports events
  • No restrictions on communal worship


The coronavirus is still with us however and the government still expects people to act with caution. Further advice from Somerset County Council including support available can be accessed here.  In relation to local institutions

1.The community shop

The community shop will continue with the following restrictions for at least one month after 19th July:

  • We will continue to restrict customers in the shop to 3 at any time – 2 in the shop and 1 at the Post Office counter.   Exceptions will be made for family groups.   Limited space makes it impractical to have more than 3 customers in the shop regardless of Covid restrictions.
  • Customers will be asked to continue to wear a face covering when they enter the shop.  However, we will not challenge customers who are not wearing a mask – it’s their choice – signs requesting customer co-operation (attached) will be displayed on notice boards and in the shop.
  • To protect each other and our customers, staff and volunteers will continue to wear a face covering.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the door and on the counters.
  • We will continue to sanitize surfaces regularly and clean down thoroughly at the end of the day.  For that reason the shop and Post Office will continue to close at 5 pm.

2. The Village Hall:

Paying attention to the rapidly increasing incidence per 100,000 daily new cases in Mendip we want to relax restrictions slowly.  In practice there is little use of the hall in July and August, but it is time to develop plans for September and onwards.

Numbers:  We would like to allow modest increases in numbers for events so that for talks this might increase from 20 to 30.  For exercise classes this might increase from 6 to 10.  For table tennis this might be from 6 to 10 and allowing doubles if all have been fully vaccinated.  For quizzes in October and December they might wish to reach 60.  For all of these events an updated risk assessment would need to be done to include, among other things, degree of vaccination, use of masks, use of catering equipment, one way movement, ventilation and social distancing.  Hand gel, antiseptic wipes, spray and cloths will remain available for use.

Masks:  we would like to encourage the continuing use of masks where it does not interfere with the activity.

Social distancing:  We would like this to be a normal part of using the Hall but aiming at 1m rather than 2m.  In social situations this means keeping a bit further apart than we did 2 years ago.

Cleaning:  Up until now the hall has been cleaned once a week and chairs and tables have been wiped before and after use by those using them in the hall.  If the hall starts getting a lot more use this regular cleaning regime will be increased.

Risk Assessment:  Each activity is taking responsibility – as it always has done – for all aspects of their hall use.  An updated risk assessment for each activity will be required to include any limits to numbers.

Encouragement to use:  The hall would like to encourage its use by individuals and organisations so please feel free to discuss how any particular activity can be enabled in a thoughtful and safe manner.                Peter Bright

3. The Westbury Inn:   It will not be compulsory to wear face masks on entering or moving around the pub.   Face masks are no longer required but, of course, those who wish to may continue wearing a mask as suits them.

All customers may come to the bar and order drinks and food just as we did before all the restrictions came into place.

We can now have more than 6 at a table so friends can now enjoy meeting without concern on numbers at the Westbury Inn.                                 Andy Jones.

4. St Lawrence’s,  Westbury
We will be continuing to hold weekly services at 11 am. These services will continue to have all the same precautions in place. Face masks, sanitisers at various points, social distancing and track and trace. For those who are not ready to attend services in Church we will continue to send out a morning service each week via email. Please contact Linda 870817 if you would like to be included
Our new Vicar Alex Holmes will be installed by the Bishop on Thursday 16th September at 7pm. More details later.  Linda Mogford


If an official summary of the latest guidance appears we will place a copy on village noticeboards.  Meanwhile can we encourage everyone to bring these details to the attention of neighbours who lack internet access as you have done throughout the pandemic.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council


Coronavirus Community Support – Update 11/04/2021

Coronavirus Community Support – Update 11/04/2021

Although the Emergency Planning Team has stopped issuing regular updates about the pandemic we will continue to keep the village informed when there are significant changes to government advice or regulations.  Normally this will be as part of the new Parish Council Newsletter which is planned to come out monthly. Since there are significant changes happening from Monday 12th however and the newsletter will not be published before the end of the week this is an additional notice.

The rules are changing from Monday 12th April

Some of the restrictions on what you can and cannot do are changing from Monday with shops, hairdressers and outdoor hospitality opening as lockdown starts to ease.  You should still not meet indoors however as the risk of spreading the virus is significantly higher inside. The current planned date for allowing households or groups of up to six people to mix indoors is 17 May at the earliest.

The changes after this weekend include:

  • non-essential retail will be able to re-open
  • personal care premises such as hairdressers and nail salons will be able to re-open
  • public buildings such as libraries and community centres will be able to re-open
  • outdoor hospitality venues will be able to reopen – table service only
  • most outdoor attractions including zoos, theme parks, and drive-in performances (such as cinemas and concerts) will be able to reopen
  • some smaller outdoor events such as fetes, literary fairs, and fairgrounds will be able to take place
  • indoor leisure and sports facilities will be able to reopen for individual exercise, or exercise with your household or support bubble
  • all childcare and supervised activities will be allowed indoors (as well as outdoors) for all children.
  • weddings, civil partnership ceremonies, wakes and other commemorative events will be able to take place for up to 15 people. Wedding receptions can also take place for up to 15 people, but must be outdoors, not including private gardens
  • self-contained accommodation will be able to open for overnight stays in England with your household or support bubble.

We should still work at home where that is possible and limit our travel though we are no longer asked to stay at home.

How to get a free test

The Government is encouraging everyone in England to access free, regular, rapid Covid-19 testing. This regular testing is for those without symptoms of Covid-19 and helps break the chain of transmission. Details on how to get a test and advice on other support available in Somerset can be found on the SCC website .

Lifting lockdown – summary timetable.

We plan to keep village noticeboards updated with headline information about the pandemic.  If you would find it helpful to print off a similar copy for yourself you can find a useful one-page summary here.

Westbury Church – Book of Condolences for Prince Philip

St Lawrence’s Church, Westbury would like to draw everyone’s attention to the opportunity to leave a message in an on-line book of condolences for Prince Philip. The church website gives links to books made available by the Royal Family and the Church of England. It will not be possible to sign books in person because of the pandemic.


Sue Reece, 870618, Mick Fletcher, 870531   on behalf of the Parish Council


Coronavirus Community Support – Update 15.02.2021


For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website

Updating the update.

It is almost a year now since the emergency plan team started sending out regular updates to help the village deal with the pandemic and its consequences.  As we indicated last week, we seem to have reached a point where the need for information about Covid is neither so regular nor so urgent that we need to publish something on a weekly basis.  At the same time, it is clear that many people value the village information that we have included and would like to continue to receive it.

The Parish Council have therefore agreed to take on the task of publishing a regular newsletter into which we can add any necessary information about the pandemic as and when we need to.  It will be sent out only as a post on the village website which over 100 people receive directly to their in-box.  If you haven’t subscribed you can do so here – its easy and anonymous and you can unsubscribe at any time.

One consequence of this is that we can allow our hard working ‘eyes and ears’ to take a rest from passing on information to their patch; anyone capable of receiving an email can use the new system. We have been very grateful for all the hard work this team has put in and would only ask that they let us know of anyone who is unable to access email and whether they are happy to continue to pass information to them.

The Parish Council is also exploring other ways of communicating efficiently with the village.  One possibility is to encourage the use of QR codes to link with the village or other websites.  If you have access to a smart phone, and want to see how it works, have a look at  this message and scan the thing that looks a bit like a crossword puzzle.



The roll out of vaccinations continues to plan with most of the over 70s now having received a first injection.  Anyone who is

  • Over 65 or
  • Works in the NHS or social care front line or
  • Has had a letter saying they are at high risk

can now apply directly for a vaccination here .  All others are asked to wait until called by their GP or the NHS.   If you know of someone over the age of 70 who is still waiting to be given an appointment please let us know so that we can see whether we can help. 


Star Gazing

One way of assessing the level of light pollution in an area is to count how many stars you can see from a given location. The CPRE has developed a standardised method of doing this based on the well-known constellation Orion. All it takes is a few minutes on a clear night.  Peter Bright has produced a simple guide to where to look and what to count and would be interested in your findings; see the picture below .

Mendip Landscape Character Assessment

Consultants working for the District Council have published a draft landscape character assessment for Mendip and invite comments here. Its purpose is to act as a background document to inform planning decisions in order to help protect those things that make Mendip special. Comments need to be received by the end of February.  If you are interested in Mendip archaeology, wildlife, countryside access, dark skies or whatever you may wish to check whether the document seems complete and accurate.  The Strawberry Line group will be submitting comments on sustainable transport.








Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council



Coronavirus Community Support – Update 08.02.2021


For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


There are fewer new developments on the Covid front to alert people to tonight but an important one concerns vaccinations for older people.  Up to now everyone has been asked to wait until they are contacted for an appointment.  Now all people aged 70 and over are asked to use the on-line booking service to arrange one as soon as possible.   If anyone is hesitating because they are unsure of what it involves this message from a local doctor, Bob Cave, may be reassuring.

“I have been working at the hub at the Bath and West showground, screening and vaccinating since it opened on Monday 25th January. We started with the over 80’s and vulnerable people and are now vaccinating the over 70’s. The work is progressing well and we are opening up more pods as the numbers increase steadily. My experience has been very good. No problem with the supply of vaccine. We are exclusively giving the AstraZeneca vaccine. The staff working there are enjoying their work. A pleasant, safe, environment and well organised. A group of very different people from varied backgrounds. Some NHS staff, some retired personnel and many volunteers, all working in harmony. The patients are all very cooperative and grateful for the service they are receiving. The vaccine is very well tolerated with only minor side effects for the vast majority. We know the vaccine is very effective in preventing Covid and serious infection. We heard today that it is also very good at preventing transmission of the virus. All good news with every reason to feel optimistic about the future. Remember that after vaccination it is still important to continue to take measures to prevent the spread of Covid. Hands. Face. Space.”

The next date on which restrictions are set to be reviewed is next Monday, 15th February and it is unlikely that any changes would have immediate effect.  This update therefore focuses more on village issues and raises the question of whether further briefings about the pandemic should be subsumed into a more general village newsletter as and when there is something new to report.  More about that next week.


Vacancy in the Village Shop

There is a vacancy for a part time member of staff to work alongside volunteers in the post office and shop for around 10 to 15 hours per week.  An outline of the job and how to apply are in this paper

If you would like to play your part in a thriving and vital Community Shop, please email Simon Reece at  for the Job Application Form or for more details.


Dark Skies in Westbury

The regular letter from the Chair of the Parish Council is here and focuses on the ‘Dark Skies’ policy of the council – a concern to reduce the level of artificial light in the night-time to enable us better to appreciate the natural world. It explains the policy and also how we can help monitor light pollution by taking part in a nationwide star count.


Trees planted and felled

The upper part of Cheddar Gorge as far as the crossroads to Priddy will be closed during daytime on weekdays from today for four weeks.  The reason is to allow the felling of 450 roadside ash trees which have become dangerous owing to ash die-back (find out more about dieback here)

In the Lynchcombe nature reserve the parish tree group has now completed its project of planting 150 trees to replace the ash woodland on that reserve which is also affected by dieback. Here is an article that appeared about it recently in the PEW


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council


Coronavirus Community Support – Update 01.02.2021

For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


An increasing number of our residents in the priority groups have now been vaccinated in one of a growing number of centres.  Apart from the very first days at one centre the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  Ron Foster who went to Ashton Gate in Bristol told us “the organisation could not have been better”.

If you are in a priority group but have not heard yet, the official advice remains not to ring your GP but wait for a letter.

However, if you know of anyone who is in one of the top priority groups (eg over 80) and is worried that they have not been called, or has concerns about how to get to a centre please contact us and we will see what can be done.

The experience of Covid

Some will be aware that just after Xmas Wesley Hann was diagnosed with Covid and subsequently had a spell in hospital.  He kindly offered to write a short piece describing his experience which is a reminder to us all of the importance of continuing to stick to the hygiene and social distancing rules. Things are getting better with the vaccine but it is not over yet.


Covid-19 – Got the t-shirt!
I started to show symptoms of Covid on Monday 28 December, a bit like a heavy cold. My wife and daughter had lighter symptoms. We had a test on the Wednesday and the positive test results on the Friday (1 Jan). By the weekend however my condition worsened, becoming more flu like. A friend of mine explained to me that his health authority were operating a virtual ‘covid ward’ and as a result offering a oximeter, a small finger mounted device that amongst other things monitors the blood oxygen levels. On Monday (4 Jan) Amazon delivered the privately purchased (£20) oximeter – my blood oxygen levels were extremely low! Alison rang 111 and we were told the paramedics would be out. They arrived and I was advised by the paramedics to let them take me to hospital, confirming my oxygen levels were dangerously low (86) and my temperature was over 40.

I was admitted to the Covid ward at Weston General and soon diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia. I was injected, drips attached and oxygen administered. 6 days later after unquestioned and total dedicated care from the nurses and doctors which I am extremely grateful, I left hospital, Covid free, to recover at home.

Stay safe and keep your distance – this wasn’t a walk in the park!


Revised Rubbish and Recycling times.

Somerset Waste Partnership have advised that from today collections will start earlier – from 6.00 am rather than 7.00 am.  This is to help keep crews as covid safe as possible and is explained here.  The headline point is that unless you are very much an early bird its best to put bins out the night before.



Film Quiz

Finally, how did you do on last weeks quiz?  Answers are here.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council



Coronavirus Community Support – Update 25.01.2021

For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


The vaccination programme has expanded and residents from priority groups are now being invited to a range of different centres.  We have had good reports from individuals who have attended centres at Ashton Gate in Bristol, at West Mendip Hospital in Glastonbury and at Berrow. In all cases the venues have been well signposted, have had adequate parking close by and have helpful staff

It is important for everyone to realise that you are not protected immediately once you have been vaccinated.  It takes two or even three weeks to have the full effect and therefore important for everyone to continue to adhere to the social distancing and hygiene rules.  A good clear article by Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam explains things in more detail.

Those who are interested in specific information about vaccinations and cases in Somerset might find this summary from the County Council of interest.


Tree Group

Having been awarded a grant from the Tree Council the Parish Council tree group has started planting trees in the Lynchcombe Nature reserve to replace the ash trees which are all affected by ash die-back. A nice article about the work has appeared in the on-line magazine of the Somerset Wildlife Trust.   If you are interested in helping the group or just finding out more contact


The PEW magazine

The committee which organises the PEW for the three villages has recently held the AGM. Although there are very few activities to report the magazine will continue to be printed and distributed as long as people send in items of interest and entertainment or things to be advertised for sale.

The subscription for 2021 will remain at £5.00 and should be handed to your delivery person. If it is easier please put £5.00 into an envelope with your name and address and leave it in the shop or deliver it to The Old Stores (opposite the pub).

If you have not received a copy in the past but would like to try it for a year please put your money on a named and addressed envelope, leave it as above, and it will be delivered to you each month.

If you have questions or something to submit please contact Martin on Or Linda on



Film Quiz

Finally, since the weather looks grim and the days are still short you might welcome the challenge of another quiz, this time on film titles.  It is here.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

Coronavirus Community Support – Update 18.01.2021

For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


Its good that the vaccination programme is now in progress and many local people in the priority groups will have either had the first jab (in some cases two) or have a date for an appointment.  It is difficult from within the village to see a pattern in who has and has not been called yet because some practices may have older patients than others or more limited space.  They are however all working to the same priority order which is conveniently summarised here.

Two things are clear from local experience.  One is that the service, wherever offered seems to be working smoothly and easily.  A short note from Jan and Ray Fisher about their visit is reproduced below.  The other is that several people have been offered changed arrangements, usually at a more convenient location and sometimes at the last minute. It does not seem possible to ring up and choose where and when to go but several people we have spoken to report changes for the better.

Covid 19 Vaccine

In early December we were contacted by telephone by The West Mendip Hospital Covid vaccine team to invite us both for our jabs. A few questions had to be answered at that point about allergies etc. They invited us both to attend on December 16th for our first jabs.

We attended on that date and were greeted in the car park of the hospital by friendly volunteers who guided us into the system. From then on we were accompanied all the time.  A friendly young doctor administered the jab without any discomfort at all. We were given second jab appointments for 6th January. We then had to sit in a waiting area for 15 minutes to ensure there were no reactions.

It was lovely to see nurses from our medical practice working in the clinic. Everyone was very relaxed and happy about what was happening. Our second jabs were given in the same way on January 6th. The whole experience was quick and painless.

Please do not hesitate about this procedure. If you are nervous please let the helpers know.

Jan & Ray Fisher

Message from the Chair of the Parish Council

A message from the chair of the Parish Council, Sue Isherwood is here. As well as referring to Covid she writes about the dark skies policy that seeks to preserve one of the special qualities of our village.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

Coronavirus Community Support – Update 11.01.2021


For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


Hands, Space, Face

There are two big messages tonight.  One is the warning from the Prime Minister that we are at a perilous moment in the pandemic and must not relax our guard.  The other is the good news that over 2 million people across the UK have had at least the first dose of vaccine, a figure that includes several people in Westbury. Although the arrangements for vaccination vary between medical practices the priorities are the same and we can expect many more to be called in over the coming days.

We are not safe however until a large proportion of the population have been vaccinated and need to remember the messages around basic hygiene and social distancing. The Secretary of State for Health has urged us to “act as if we have the virus” to minimise the chance of infecting others unwittingly.  This message was underlined to us by a report today from a local resident with personal knowledge of a case (thankfully at some distance from here) where all members of an extended family have tested positive for Covid though none of them have shown any symptoms.

Changing rules about what we can and cannot do may have obscured the basic message – that the best way to stop the virus spreading is simply to stay at home and as far as possible minimise contact with others.  Below are a couple of posters that underline this message and give a little more detail on when you need to self-isolate and for how long. Here is a summary of local helpline numbers for those feeling anxious.

Fake vaccine messages.

We don’t intend to report every scam that we hear of but this one sounded particularly unpleasant so it’s worth ensuring that no-one is taken in.  It purports to be a message from the NHS and looks very convincing; but alarm bells should ring because it asks for bank account details.  The NHS will never ask for your bank details and you should never give them out in response to an unsolicited email.   For more information on this and similar scams check here and if you want to receive regular updates on scams that local people have come across please subscribe to news updates from the Westbury website here.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council

Coronavirus Community Support – Update 05.01.2021


For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website

Good evening,

 Mick and I were hoping that a third lockdown would not happen, but obviously the new strain of Covid 19 has proved a real problem.

This time may be much more difficult, with dark evenings and colder weather, the worries of rising numbers, and for some the lack of knowledge of when they might be offered their first injection.

Our help lines are still in place, and the shop again will provide a great service as you will see from our update below.

However, if you do feel you need to speak to someone, or need support please contact one of us -any correspondence will be treated in confidence.

Best wishes and stay safe



New Covid-19 Restrictions.

Last night the Prime Minister announced new restrictions in response to the Covid 19 pandemic with immediate effect.  The speech can be read here. The major change for those areas like Somerset moving from tier 4 to tier 5 will be the closure of schools and colleges for all except vulnerable children and the children of key workers. The overriding message is still that people should stay at home unless they have a compelling reason to leave. A full description of the restrictions is available here.

Services in Westbury Church
We have received a message from Linda Mogford about the use of the Church, which is set out below. Although the message was written before the most recent announcement it remains just as relevant.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on 30th December I have been considering the position of St Lawrence Church. Having consulted various people, I have decided to close the Church.

Although we have all the prevention requirements in place, we are advised to stay at home and not expose ourselves to unnecessary risk. We need to safeguard our congregation in these difficult times and with an increasing rate of infection in the Somerset, Wells and Mendip area services in Church will be suspended whilst we are in Tier 4. This decision has been taken with a heavy heart but we need to be sensible and to prevent the spread of infection in any way we can. Special arrangements may be made for funerals and burials.

We will continue to send the weekly services via e-mail to those who would like them and there are the services from Wells Cathedral via YouTube as before, plus those from the BBC.

Please be assured we look forward to being able to reinstate services as soon as the current situation improves.

This year we have decided to leave the church flood lights on for a further month as a symbol of hope in these dark days.

Let us hope for a New Year when we can worship together safely and happily
Linda Mogford [ Churchwarden]


The community shop and village helplines

The announcement of a stricter lockdown may have left some people feeling more anxious and some may feel more reluctant to leave home even for legitimate reasons such as shopping.  Please remember that all the village helplines are still in place, the pub is still able to deliver take-aways (the menu here still applies) and it is still possible to order provisions in advance from the village shop and have them delivered. A copy of the poster summarising helplines is here

The Community Shop and Post Office have sent the following message

We remain open as before during ‘lockdown 3’. Customers who are shielding/isolating can email or phone orders to the shop. 

Email: or Phone: 01749 870296

Orders for fresh produce:

Bread, milk, dairy: before 1 pm for next day. 

Hector’s meat: Before 10 am Wednesday for Thursday. 

Thorners of Somerset: 10 am Tuesday for Thursday.

Seagers: 2 pm Monday/Wednesday for delivery Tuesday/Thursday.  

We will do our best to supply all other groceries (if available) the day after the order is placed. Orders can be collected from the shop or we can arrange delivery if required. 

We would welcome extra volunteer help in the shop with deliveries and back room admin etc during the next few weeks. Please contact the shop if you can help. 



Ken Banwell – Funeral Arrangements.

Many in the village will by now have heard about the death of Ken Banwell and may have been informed by the family about the arrangements for the funeral. Sadly, the current restrictions mean that the service will need to be a much more private affair than would have been normal for someone with such deep and wide local connections as Ken. We are setting out below the full text of government guidance on the conduct of funerals in tier 5 areas and must leave to Mary and Angela the difficult task of determining who can be present in the church or churchyard.


Weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and funerals are allowed with strict limits on attendance and must only take place in COVID-19 secure venues or in public outdoor spaces unless in exceptional circumstances.

Funerals can be attended by a maximum of 30 people. Linked religious, belief-based or commemorative events, such as stone settings and ash scatterings can also continue with up to 6 people in attendance. Anyone working is not counted in these limits. Social distancing should be maintained between people who do not live together or share a support bubble.”

Several people have asked whether it might be appropriate to show their respects by standing in silence as the cortege passes. Sadly, the regulations for Tiers 4 and 5 are clear that everyone should stay at home unless they have a specific reason not to be.  They state

If you live in Tier 4 [ or above] you must not leave or be outside of your home or garden except where you have a ‘reasonable excuse’

Unfortunately, the list of ‘reasonable excuses’, which can be accessed here, does not include such demonstrations of respect.  Instead, it is suggested that people might donate on-line to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance or the British Heart Foundation.

Answers to the Xmas Quiz

The answers to the fiendish Xmas Quiz are here  Congratulations to anyone who got over 50%.


Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council




Coronavirus Community Support – Update 30.12.2020


For all previous Parish Council Coronavirus updates please select the Covid-19 Category on the News Page of the Westbury Website


Covid-19 Restrictions.

Somerset, along with most of the country, has now been placed in tier 4, the highest level of alert; it applies from one minute past midnight tonight.  The latest press release announcing these changes and explaining why the decision was taken is here.

In tier 4 the overall message is ‘stay at home if you possibly can’.

“In a Tier 4 area, you ….cannot leave or be outside of the place you are living unless you have a reasonable excuse. You cannot meet other people indoors, including over the Christmas and New Year period, unless you live with them, or they are part of your support bubble. Outdoors, you can only meet one person from another household [and only if you are on your own]”.

Reasonable excuses for leaving home include

  • Work, paid or voluntary
  • To obtain medicines or food (including take-aways)
  • Education
  • Individual exercise
  • Medical appointments

The full details of the tier 4 restrictions can be found here.

NHS vaccine scam

We don’t plan to report on every new scam that appears but Andrew Buchanan has alerted us to one that appears rather convincing and builds on the relief we are all feeling at the availability of effective vaccines.   Please look at the details here

and be very cautious about any unsolicited message that asks for personal or financial details.

Sue Reece (870618)   Mick Fletcher (870531)   on behalf of the Parish Council