Entries by Trevor Beebee

Emperor dragonfly

The UK’s largest dragonfly and one of the first hawkers on the wing, usually in late spring. Large ponds are preferred for breeding, and hence it is mostly the larger garden ponds that are colonised. Males are always blue, females green but can be blue as in the photo. Both sexes have a distinct black […]

Four-spotted chaser

Another frequent visitor to garden ponds, recently arrived. The number of wing spots clearly distinguishes it from the otherwise similar but much rarer female Scarce Chaser, which only has dark spots at the wing tips. Male scarce chasers are blue, but both sexes of the four-spotted chaser are identical and thus virtually impossible to tell […]

Azure blue damselfly

Another species to emerge this month, the Azure Blue damselfly is more often met with in garden ponds than the Common Blue, which prefers large ponds and lakes. Not easy to distinguish, but the Azure Blue has blue shoulder stripes narrower than the black lines below them, unlike the Common Blue. This is a male, […]

Large red damselfly

Large red damselflies are first of our damsels/dragons to emerge in spring. The male latches on to the female by holding on to her neck with claspers while she searches the pond for egg-laying sites.