Over the past few years Nick Mayor and Austin Little created a series of 20 Westbury Walks. These vary in length, but each one starts and finishes at The Cross, and has a detailed description of the route and points of interest along it.

It’s important that these descriptions are kept up-to-date, a major task which Nick Mayor combined with his duties as Parish Footpath Officer. After Nick’s death, there is clearly a danger that updating will slip, especially as few of us walk as frequently or as far as he did.

The suggested solution to this is that a group of people each take responsibility for one or more routes, undertake to walk these at least once a year, and report any changes that need to be made to the route description.

In addition, the “walkers” should note any blockages and stiles or bridges that need repair, and report these to the new Parish Footpaths Officer. He can then pass these on to the parish council and the local authority for action.

We plan to hold a meeting in the Westbury Inn in mid/late March to work out who will take on which paths, and the practicalities of reporting and updating.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more please talk to Austin Little or Andrew Buchanan, or you can email us using the Contact Form on the Westbury Society page

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